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If you're here, it's probably because you are familiar with my work or writing either through in person organizing, over the internet, or the various places I've been known to publish such as my website, scholarly journals (such as IEEE), C4SSEmotional Anarchism, etc. But if not, I'm an anarchist, queer, and anti-fascist interested in creating lasting alternatives and avenues of freedom and have a long history of working in marginalized areas alongside my friends and communities across the world.

I do tech radical projects including counter-disinformation work. I worked on the Syrian border supporting migrants. Similarly, I work on the southern U.S. border. I co-organized a movement to provide self-defense tools and training for QTPoC. I've worked in prison and police abolition struggles. I've trained countless people including sex workers and activists in tech security. I do antifascist support. These and other activities are all done for free. I do them because they matter not for money. But unfortunately, I need more money than I have access to in order to survive, much less to do this time and love intensive work.

I'm really quite efficient and effective, but this thing called modern capitalism is really terrible and keeps my work fragmented and compartmentalized such that I can't focus on it adequately. I made this so that people who value my work, can support me to dedicate more time and effort to it.

Thanks so much for visiting and for your contribution!

(or skip all this noise and hit me at venmo @emmi-bevensee , paypal at https://www.paypal.me/emmibe , Bitcoin and other crypto @ hit me up )

-emmi b

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