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About Empress_Pyra

Hello and welcome to Léa's Cross-way for Consciousness.
I am Empress_Pyra and my vision here is to promote all things: ecological, democratic, empathic, intellectual, and conscious through art and media. 
I want these resources to be available for everyone to use and share regardless of peoples vital or practical situation.  I'm also open to taking creation requests as I want contribute my creative design energy to build a massive archive of user purpose graphic artworks which educates, celebrates passion, spreads decency, rehabilitative teaching, declares appreciation for ourselves and others, or anything else along those lines.
 Request guidelines:
Requests can be made at these locations: publicly under the "community" tab on this page, patreon direct messages or email: [email protected]
Anonymous requests will be given a completely random but unique name that I assign to it.
All requests will be placed inside a "projects pending list" that will release to this page as a post once a week and updated once the artwork is complete at which point it will be posted with a creative commons license on the main Posts tab.  The time frame for a request's completion may range from 7 days (one week) to 365 days (one year) upon entry onto the pending projects list. Lastly, before getting into the request template note that I want this page to be universally accessible, this means establishing this page as Pg, family friendly. So public artwork requests must also fit into that structure as well. 

Request template:
-Your name/ digital nickname
-Theme of piece (something your passionate about, someone you appreciate, an idea worth sharing, something you find beautiful or comforting etc.)
  -Dedications or acknowledgements (who you want it to be for/ about)

Unlicensed content:
My own content will always contain a version of this logo:  
But alongside those there will be outside content from the internet that I will relink and share with you under fair use as with all internet content. Be sure to look at each posts tags as they will always be listed with the content's details and usability.

This is a place to kick back, browse, ask questions and enjoy so feel free to reach out to me for any feedback or questions. With much love and acknowledgement to you, peace out

$0 of $200 per creation
Monthly Hobby and Personal development Fund
TLDR: Disability financial services in Canada only pays for basic survival needs, this goal would allow me to support more people online, develop my creative and practical skills and save up for a tech and equipment wish list.
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