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Welcome to EmuNations🙂

Over the years of relentlessly seeking the latest about emulation, I was always baffled how information was fragmented and communities split between websites which looked like an afterthought. That it was I've decided to create EmuNations with the goal of trying to create a platform where we can all come together, while simplifying the learning process for newcomers!

While relentlessly working on a daily basis to keep you up-to-date with the latest development and stable build releases, I've also added features like Development Reports tracking, Retro-Gaming News, In-Game Bugs reporter, forum and much more..!

What lies ahead? 
I've already burdened the costs of running EmuNations, so why not give developers some sort of platform they could utilize without having to shoulder presenting their hard-work. 
  • I will reach out to developers offering a no-strings-attached free website where they will be able to promote their emulator with their own personalized section. It includes a dedicated forum, per-game compatibility section for users to help access the performance of the games and much more! 
  • Add legacy emulators of the covered consoles for those feeling nostalgic!
  • Add emulators made to work on portable consoles (i.e. PSP, NintendoDS, etc.)
  • Weekly Podcast about the emulation scene and anything of interest around it.
  • I want to make video-tutorials of individual emulators showing how to set them up properly, comparing emulators with the original console and more.
  • Anything else unforeseen presently and incorporate more of your suggestions!

Why do you need the money?
As it stands, ads generate on average around $0.02 cents a day which means Every Donation Counts!I charge once per month and I will always post relevant news so you can keep tabs on me.

$1.49 of $100 per month
When I reach $100 per month, I'll start to properly expand the emulator coverage to mobile devices (Android, iPhone, etc.).
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