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About EmuNations

Welcome to EmuNations!🎮🕹

Over the years of relentlessly seeking the latest news about emulation, it has always baffled me how most emulator websites looked like an afterthought. That is why I decided to embark in this due to this persistent perception and strong belief that all these hard working developers deserve a platform which shows this is an upbeat and striving environment!

While relentlessly working on a daily basis to keep you up-to-date with the Latest Development and Stable Releases, I'm also striving to create a hub where I also track Development Reports, Retro-Gaming News, In-Game Bugs or FunFacts and much more..!

Why do you need the money?
As it stands, ads generate on average around $0.02 cents a day which means Every Donation Counts! I charge once per month and I will always post relevant news so you can keep tabs on me.

What's the Roadmap ahead?
  Phase III (once I have enough followers/visitors)
  • Add in-house Forum for all of us to discuss and help each other out!
  • Add in-house Compatibility List s section which will let us provide feedback on the performance of games ("Broken, Reaches Menu, Starts, Playable, Perfect")
  • Add legacy emulators of the covered consoles for those feeling nostalgic!
  Phase X (fingers-crossed!)
  • Add emulators made to work on portable consoles (i.e. PSP, NintendoDS, etc.)
  • Weekly Podcast about the emulation scene and anything of interest around it.
  • I want to make video-tutorials of individual emulators showing how to set them up properly...
  • Make videos comparing emulators between each other of the same game and against the original console!
  • Anything else unforeseen presently and incorporate more of your suggestions!

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