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About Birdy Diamond, an Encouraging Bird


Welcome to Encouraging Bird, part of the mega-prrroject 'Bold Kitten's Avian Empire'.

In this part of the Empire, from Catpitol City, you will find the contents & creations of Pause the Paws Park, home of Cat's Colo(u)ring Corner, Mamma Cat's Meditation Center, and more!

From the Forest of Creativity, you will find the Talking Tree, home of the Encouraging Bird.

What does all this mean? That here is the home of colo(u)ring pages, meditations, ins-purr-ations, and more, here to help you rest, relax, restore, so you can fly back off to having your Best Life.


A Note from Birdy on Stress Monsters


Stress Monsters used to be my worst enemies. Nearly killed me on more than one occasion, in fact.

Now they’re among my best friends.

I grew up with a background that said that Fun is optional, and it took me a couple of stays in hospital, and some uncomfortably close brushes with death, to learn that that ain’t the way the world works, nor is it the way that happy, healthy humans live.

Now, I am living with Fun as my focus, tempering all that I do. How I show up in the world and what I bring to the world.

How did I achieve this amazing turnaround? And more important, can you do it too?

The answer to the furr-st Question: through a certain amount of self-work and a great deal of both learning and unlearning, most of it around the concept of Fun.

And yes, absolutely! for the answer to the second.

How? Keep reading.


Who (or what) are Stress Monsters?

Stress Monsters are purr-sonifications of parts of you. The parts of your subconscious that tell you of things that you don’t necessarily know via your conscious mind. They don’t start out as Monsters, Stress or otherwise, but become that way when we don’t stop, we don’t listen to them, and they have no other good choice but to become large and yell-ey, so they can do their job of helping you know the things you need to know.

Once they become large and yell-ey, it can be hard for them to remember their former Smaller and More Manageable Size, so they continue to yell, louder and louder, hoping in vain that you will hear them and stop. Pause the paws every once in a while. Listen to what they have to say, so they can start saying it again in an Inside Voice volume.

They yell through your spirit, your emotions, causing you to feel restless & depressed. They yell through your physical body, causing illness of various varieties.

They yell and they yell, until finally, one day, you learn to listen. The Question is: do you learn to listen the easy way or the hard way (like I did)?

Encouraging Bird is here to help you make it be the easy way.


Fun is not Frivolous

From almost dying on more than one occasion, I learned that Fun is not frivolous. It’s serious business that you’d best be paying attention to. However you choose to define fun is much less important than that you have it.

Playing is essential for happy humans and not just the kind of play that is another form of work. The kind of fun where you just kick back and play – color a page, do a puzzle – low stress & low risk, high relaxation & high joy.


But how to get there?

Because when your Stress Monsters are running rampant, you can’t get all the way to peace and joy and love and learning from serious stress.

You need an intermediate step.

A Pause. For your Paws. And your Mind. And your Heart. And your Spirit.

So come take a page, take a puzzle, take a meditation, take a break. Come back to your life in all its glorious messiness refreshed and with a new purr-spective.

One that just might help you figure out what to do next.


Focus on Fun

Here at Encouraging Bird, I will be focusing on Fun. With puzzle, pattern, color-page, and story, each purr-oject is designed to help you pause the paws, stop the mind-spin, and give yourself a break.

Remember, the rest of the world will still be there when you’re done. It would be Most Lovely if you were, too.

And Stress Monsters, once gotten down to a Smaller & More Manageable Size, can become your best friends, alerting you to important things along your way that you might have missed with your conscious senses.

Win-win-wing for all! :>O<:

:>O<: :>O<: :>O<:

Chirp for Membership

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Together, we will play our Stress Monsters down to Manageable & Befriendable Size and fly off to our respective Dreams, loving the life we live and living the life we love.

Until nest-next time!

Chirp, chirp! :-)
Birdy :>O<:

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