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is creating Grand Theft Auto map mods, archviz, interactive simulations
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Decrypted Spies Tier lets you view and download upcoming maps released exclusively here on Patreon and will be permanently unavailable to general public for download. It's also possible that members of this Tier will  periodically;

  • get exclusive media showcasing the projects
  • open-source project content 
  • additional support
  • chance at realizing client-based ideas during the project development
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About Woggy Design

Woggy Design is an innovative brand for creating new project ideas, modifications, custom, ground-up development and collaborating with well-known artists, programmers and modders for game, architecture and general computer graphics rendering engines such as; Rockstar's Advanced Game Engine(RAGE), Unreal Engine 4 and Source Engine! I am constantly expanding my skillset and knowledge whilst enrichening my general idea vocabulary, which therefore enabled me to be always open to new concepts and ideas.
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When 100 patrons are reached, I will attempt at developing an ambitious, standalone game on Unreal Engine 4 and later even try to port its maps to Grand Theft Auto V. 

The team behind this goal would be consisted of skilled Patrons and other good people whom think they could serve as valuable assets.
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