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About EnderSpirit

EnderBot is a Discord RPG bot, gain experiences and resources, progress and trade with other players in a free market.
Patreons will gain premium tokens, each granting the premium status for 30 days.
These tokens can also be traded with other players, making it the most stable currency you will ever find on this bot.

The premium status grants :
- x2 XP (x3 XP if your level is below 90k) on all commands
- x2 on the commands >mine, >dig, >chop
- x2 on the commands >hr and >daily
- Donator role on the official Discord server

My website : ender.gg
You can vote for EnderBot on top.gg.
Thank you a lot for supporting EnderBot ! :)

Note : after paying, simply DM me on Discord (@EnderSpirit#9999) or on Patreon with your Discord tag, I'll grant you your reward within 24 hours, I'll try to automate that soon !

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