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We decided to build this LARP as a way to unite people. We wanted to create something where someone would come out and feel like their part of a fantasy world and they can achieve goals for themselves personally and for their characters. It shouldn't matter if you are playing a character for an event or a monster, both sides should be having a wonderful time. No need to be rules lawyer and bark at people for not doing something right. No need to look down at someone for wanting to be a thief or necromancer. We are here to have fun, respect each other, and enjoy a story that staff and monsters try to bring to life. We want you to leave one of our games going "WOW! My character just took down an troll in a crazy one on one fight!" or "Did you see how we got through that puzzle?! I was sure we were gonna be goners there." To create a place where instead of talking around the table we put you in the action and every choice you make can change the story drastically. So don't be afraid it's just a game, and we hope you join us on this endless path.

One of the biggest goal of this patreon is to buy a plot of land and to build medieval buildings to give people a grand experience. We also want to give other LARPs a place to go and feel safe to have their nerdy fun. We are located in Minnesota, USA.
$17.82 of $150 per month
When we reach $150 per month we will have 6-8 weekend games a year.

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