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About Les Henderson

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Les Henderson, founder of endoQueer.  I created endoQueer after seeing that there were very few spaces for lgbtqia+ people with endometriosis.

In 2016, I experienced 2 lung collapses and after the surgery, I found out it was due to the endo traveling upward. Man, was I shocked.  I had nooooo idea that that could happen.  The intersectional bias I experienced while hospitalized, and at doctors appointments are issues I would not wish on anyone.  

By endometriosis being an feminine related illness, if you aren’t a cis, hetero woman, people tend to ignore this issue even more.  Although I tried being in a few endo groups overtime, they were very heteronormative and many issues discussed were unrelatable for me as for many others in the LGBTQIA+ community.

I’m reaching out for your support to make this a full time endeavor as soon as possible.  Just this week, several organizations on the internet have expressed how hard it is as independent patient centered and created advocacy groups to raise money and be visible.  This is even more vital for those especially like me.  As a Black, PROUD Masculine of center queer woman, it is harder for me to be taken seriously in the exam room, the board room, and even in our own online spaces where we bond over a shared struggle with endometriosis.  

Black, masculine presenting people who were assigned female at birth often end up dead because no one takes their considerations into play.  Supporting endoQueer at this moment will do the following:

1.  Increase LGBTQIA+ employment and business ownership because those people suffering from this illness will have resources, a safe space and the care they need to be part of society healthy.

2.  Allow LGBTQIA+ people to create the care they need and run their own institutions with their own leaders that they trust.  

3.  Ensure that LGBTQIA+ organizations like endoQueer can have the same amount of funding, respect and standing in the endometriosis community as well as the greater public health advocacy and education community.  

These 3 goals will still be inclusive of ALL marginalized LGBTQIA+ people with endometriosis and similar illnesses.  This is true because Black LGBTQIA+ people suffer the worst health disparities along with not being able to be employed and funded at the same rates as others.  

One of the first things that will happen with your funds is that I will be convening a virtual online summit on endometriosis and related health issues in the LGBTQIA+ community.  All monthly pledges made prior to July 31st will grant you access to this summit and allow me to pay LGBTQIA+ contributors from across the world.  Monthly Pledges of $10 or more will be granted access no matter when they pledges.  

In addition, your monthly pledge supports operational support and curriculum and resource development for us by us.  

Finally, too many people from marginalized communities are expected to give their time and labor for free and it’s important and fair for everyone to be compensated for any type of labor. Looking forward to connecting and for you to connect with each other and learn through the summit and the resources! 

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