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Each day our planet sends out alarms warning that our species, it’s culture, and it’s industry afflict it and it’s other denizens with truly mortal peril, the course of which will complete this century, leaving everything living dead and the planet a ruined husk. 75% of all plant and animal life except people have died in the last 50 years as a consequence of industry, shopping, and fossil fuels— evidence that all three, plainly, are bioweapons we’ve been deceived by culture into deploying against ourselves and our home, every day in every way, in celebration of our illusions of ‘progress.’
It is truly false to label the phenomenon we cause ‘climate change.’ The harsh obvious reality is that our planet is now in the throes of #biomefailure.

Culture so intoxicates us with the surface chatter and games of celebrity that we fail to notice not only that we are too willing accomplices in our planet’s demise, but that we’ve quite literally set our world on fire and failed to realize that we’ve locked the children in the burning house with us. Worse yet: our economic system and currency are rigged to only advance the actions of the bioweapons killing us all— we cannot create the jobs and actions desperately necessary to save our Earth because the economy and currency are rigged to disallow their creation. The dollar and the markets and our politicians are friends to industry, not you and me— they treat us like livestock.
Worse yet, the climate cures we advance as sensible today (Cap and Trade, Sustainability, Recycling, Green) don’t halt climate change from it’s course to #biomefailure at all. Close examination reveals that each is a strategy for deadly procrastination and delay masking more of progress’s bloat, ensuring anything but salvation for the children of everything living today.

The hour is late. The hour is dark. Your leaders and military are entirely complicit with industry in orchestrating our demise— we cannot rely on them to deliver us from our the biome errors they deceive us in committing daily, and are guaranteed to continue to until we all die.

We cannot delay action a moment longer. Our children are trapped on this burning planet with us. If we do not follow a radical course now, we damn them to brief, miserable lives.

Fortunately, the Institute for Endogenous Technology arrives not only with a plan but a revolutionary science that is guaranteed to carry humanity and our Earth not only through the convulsions of climate change but ensures that the generations alive today will have succeeded in sidestepping #biomefailure entirely and begun to shepherd the planet to a new epoch of healing and thriving, to the relief and gratitude of generations of people, plants, and animals to come.


In this universe, our bodies are literally instruments that both play and mark the world we dwell in. It is only by the physical power of our bodies that we accomplish climate change.

What’s staggaring about this is that our intentions are divorced from what our actions deliberately deliver and accomplish— we are actually largely unconscious to the consequences every aspect of modern living accomplishes to deliver our failing biome by deceiving us into using our world marking bodies to deliver exactly that. This is an astonishing essay not only on our sheer collective physical might as a species, but on how mighty we are when essentially asleep at the wheel. We set our planet ablaze asleep at the wheel— in just 100 short years of industry. How much more powerful can we be if we wake up? It seems self-evident that we can be heroically moreso, enough not only to pull the planet out of it’s death throes but to deliver a civilization into the world that is inclusive of and fair and equitable to all organisms for all times.

Culture, which the economy and currency are agents, is the principle agent conditioning and constraining what is allowable of all our behaviors— culture limits and directs how our bodies mark our world. It’s correct, ultimately, to lay the blame for climate change and #biomefailure at culture’s feet. It is also correct to state that our only hope of survival begins and ends with immediately dismantling the noxious, murderous culture of Western Civilization and replacing it with a culture that accomplishes great benefit for all. But what is the aim of such a culture, and what are the physics of the human organism that might allow us to accomplish this miraculous and necessary feat?
Our research and science leave no doubt: industry will never deliver a solution to #biomefailure because it is fundamentally motivated to profit from drawing out precisely these conditions as long as it possibly can.

Our research is also clear: the only solution to the climate catastrophe is nothing short of full-scale rapid adaptive evolution for every species of planet and animal remaining alive on the planet today. Put simply, we don’t win climate change if we don’t make returning Eden to the surface of our earth our principal economic and political activity for the next century-plus.

This is our mission, and the Institute for Endogenous Technology not only possesses the science to return Eden to our Earth, it has the endogenous technology necessary to swiftly bloom the new culture necessary to deliver us to that necessary and wholesome work— beginning in 2020.
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