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About Jake Morphonios

I've produced articles and video reports as an investigative journalist for more than 20 years.  My video reports have been viewed by more than 36 million people and my work has been featured on many alternative news sites, including Alex Jones' InfoWars.

However, the information that I reveal in my reports is considered "not advertiser friendly" by YouTube.  I investigate child trafficking rings and online predators and turn my research over to the proper authorities for action.  

Because my videos are demonetized and suppressed by YouTube, I rely on the generosity of my viewers to be able to continue a work that I believe to be instrumental in helping abused children.

Your support is deeply appreciated.
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Funds from patrons help me to cover the costs associated with my investigations, including: travel expenses (flights, hotels, rental cars, meals, etc.), criminal background checks, subscriptions to various intelligence databases, DMV records checks, and cell phone minutes for burner phones that I use to speak with whistle-blowers and sources who wish to maintain their complete anonymity. 

Beyond my monthly business expenses, your donations help me to keep my family fed.  Thank-you for your support!
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