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This tier provides access to weekly show notes from my Energetic Principles Podcast. Each Sunday, you will receive an email (along with the option of a downloadable PDF) that includes my written astrology forecast, along with, the tarot card write-ups and the animal ambassador of the week. Also included is early access to the podcast and the patron only feed. 

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This tier features my exclusive Patreon-only show  'Astro Storytime' where each month I will share a 1-hr presentation highlighting astrology charts from celebrities, historical figures, and/or mundane events that I find fascinating and educational. Come and see astrology through my eyes as I tell stories and dissect charts along the way! Also included is early access to the podcast and the patron-only feed. 



About Melissa LaFara

Hi! My name is Melissa LaFara and I'm an astrologer and tarot consultant from San Diego, CA and the host of the Energetic Principles Podcast - a weekly show which features an astrology forecast, tarot pulls and an Animal Ambassador, along with a guest segment highlighting many knowledgable voices in these fields. Here on Patreon, you have the option to support my endeavors by signing up for early access to the podcast, weekly show notes, and/or my new monthly Patreon-exclusive video offering Astro Storytime. My goal is to help others and bring education in the process, and every bit of support helps the process!

Thank you so much for stopping by! And may the stars be with you!! ✨🙏🏻✨

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