is creating balanced gaming, centered on building community.
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About EngageGames

EngageGames is focused on creating balanced games (tabletop, card, electronic, and otherwise) that allow all players to engage and enjoy without the worry of Over-Powered (OP), Pay-to-Play, and gambling based gaming systems. Our collective experience and education, along with help from folks like you, gives us a leading edge in creating games that bring back power to the player!

More importantly, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to come together around a table or living room and share in the joy of gaming, and that is why EngageGames is dedicated to and will donate 12% of all game sale profits to organizations and charities that help bring relief, resources, and homes to the homeless, marginalized, and underprivileged.

We currently have 2 games ready for market and are in need of helping us boost their commercial visibility and getting us to conventions to demo over the next few months. Our first is RUMBLE!, a deck-building, 2-6 player competitive and/or party card game that will have you battling for supremacy of the streets. The second is The Next Frontier, a tabletop, 2-6 player resource/strategy game that allows you to bountyhunt across the galaxy! Please visit www.engagegames.org for more info.

No matter what you donate, you will become part of building a new type of gaming community - one that cares about all members of the community. If you choose to go big, depending upon your tier of support, you will gain access to a variety of perks, including: having your voice count in determining competitive community rules and event timelines, access to beta content, early game development influence, alternative artwork and exclusive loot!   

Help us bring balance back to the farce of OP, Pay-to-Play and gambling based game systems. Help us empower those marginalized in your community, in our country and worldwide. Help build our community by becoming a part of it. ENGAGE!

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