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About Alexandra Engellmann


When I first started Patreon, I had just quit my day job to focus on writing and self-publishing (advertising, promotion, platform, social media, etc.). A lot has changed in these 3 years, including my view of Patreon/creativity, so here’s an updated bio:

I live in Russia, and I write and self-publish books in English. Don’t ask me why – I’m still not sure how I got it into my head, at 18 years old, that this story I got an idea for should be written in English and published in the US. I did start learning the language when I was 12 though, on my own, but this was a whole new level.

This, by the way, explains the big gap between the first and the second novel in the Sky Ghosts series (not counting the short story and Sky Ghosts: Marco). Sky Ghosts: All for One has been re-edited 6 times after it was published. I had to learn self-publishing, I wrote other books and published under another pen name (not very successfully), I tried four different jobs in freelance so I could work from home and have time for writing. I used to work in IT, have a diploma gathering dust somewhere, but doing the same thing, at the same office, every day for 5 years had nearly driven me mad. One of those freelance jobs has stuck, and I’m very lucky to have it. I moved 6 times in the past 3 years, and that, too, got in the way of writing a lot. I found a very cheap option, worked like crazy for 5 months, and now I have a place of my own.

I live in a garage. It's awesome. Seriously. 

So no, I’m not exactly starving to be asking for money here – not anymore, anyway. But I do love Patreon, and I need a platform for everything else I want to show my readers. And there’s also the question of balancing writing and moneymaking, and the desire to release not 1-2 books a year, but 4-5. To write not just for 2 hours a few days a week, but every day, as much as I can. Right now, for example, all my free time is going into editing, but I could've been writing another book while I still edit the previous one.

For me, Patreon is everything that happens behind the scenes – for those who are interested in everything that goes with being an author. Teasers, snippets, writing and editing advice, publishing and promotion. I also do my own covers (not ideal, but I couldn’t afford to pay $500 for a good cover – that’s 35 grand in Russia, twice the average paycheck in my town). Artwork of my characters, and soon, fantasy settings. There are a lot of artists among my readers, so I want to share sketches, work in progress, step-by-steps, timelapses, book covers and tools and anything, really.

Patreon is perfect for all this. For example, Facebook makes people pay for their followers to see their posts, and that goes against everything that free social media is, in my opinion. Here, you can follow a creator for free, or you can pledge a small amount. This way, people who create stuff you like can get support and create more of it. Have more time for it.

Most of my free time goes into writing/editing, and I don’t do monthly rewards like some creators. They say Patreon shouldn’t be a burden, and I agree. My posts are sporadic, but now that I've figured out my schedule and income, I'll post more often, both content that comes along with new books (teasers, artwork, book covers, cut scenes) and posts about writing/self-publishing. There are different pledge options to choose from, depending on what interests you. (But you can choose any amount, really.)

One reward I haven't included there is naming characters after readers. A lot of authors do it, and I do it too, but I prefer if it's a surprise for the reader. I don't want it to be a deal - I want it to be a bonus. I do it when there's an opportunity, regardless of how much you pledge. It's mostly secondary characters, and I like when it's fun and creative and spontaneous, but most of all, when it fits. (If I know something about you, anyway).

I’m also pretty active on Twitter, and that’s where you can find all the small updates on my next book. I post on Insta when I get out of the house (not in the winter, so don’t worry, I’m not dead, just working).

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