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You will get News on what's going on at my Wiki and Blog, here at the Patreon.

  • News on the Wiki project
  • You can also suggest Names, which will be adapted, to create characters for the Enigma Fictional Multiverse
  • Be the first to know: Here you'll have News on the Stories going on
  • News on The Novels are going to be right here, just for you

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I'll follow back at Twitter, and I'm really interested in your theories, I mean, what you think will happen during the Novels and other theories

  • Follow back at Twitter
  • You can suggest Names, and so the characters will be created -- They will probably be adapted
  • You'll get the News, here at Patreon, on what's new and going on
  • You can suggest Poetry Themes, I mean, a Theme for me to work on it on my time dedicated to them
  • We can talk at Twitter, and you can share your Theories on what's going to happen next on the Novels

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At this point, I'll probably want to know you better, so I'll include you on my list of good people in this world, follow back at Twitter, and want to hear from you -- what's new on your life, as I'm interested in you as more than just a name.

  • Follow back at Twitter
  • You can suggest Names, but I'll have to adapt to their languages
  • You can suggest legends
  • We can talk on the Zap, but please be kind to other folowers
  • You'll get News on every part of the Enigma project, Wiki, and Blog
  • You'll be the first to know about my languages, Poetry, and more
  • Add to my Conlang Classes




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About Sol Cajueiro

Oy!, I am Sol Cajueiro.

Also known as Ikkomi, I'm creating the Enigma Fictional Multiverse, sited: That is, a universe where the Enigma is the top of Cosmology, a technique used by wizards and witches of The Magic Nation. Magic? Magic is everywhere.

I'm publishing Novels on my site.

Search for "Enigma: Silêncio sob Os Paraluzes".

I need your help to keep publishing.

Now, in Portuguese:

Olá! Eu sou Sol Cajueiro, também conhecido como Ikkomi, e estou no Patreon.

Estou publicando Romances, no meu site.

Os romances estão sendo publicados em português, por enquanto, mas terão uma versão em inglês, se você me ajudar a me manter trabalhando. Também publico Poesia, entre outras coisas.

Sua ajuda será bem vinda para (em inglês):

  • Keep me writing the Wiki of Enigma
  • Keep me writing my blog, Ikkomi, at Blogger
  • I need your help to keep me writing The Great Game, that is, a game for The Super Mythology, created as a technique for our Community
  • I'm creating a Series, named Enigma, and I need your help to keep writing
  • I create languages, so you can help me to keep creating, and you'll get news on my languages
  • I also create Poetry, for your delight
  • I am also creating songs dedicated to my Stories, my Poetry, and The Enigma Fictional Multiverse, but for now I'm playing only for me, so I need your help to be able to create those songs, recording, and pay the it
  • I also need to pay for the translation
  • To pay for the images, for a future Rulebook, which I'm already working on -- it's problably taking more time to write than I first thought, but I'm working on it
  • Paying for revision, by a professional proofreader
  • And you as a patron will know things first, and we can probably talk to each other in the future.

You can also suggest Names for characters, but I'll have to adapt the Names, as to fit in their native languages.

Você também pode sugerir Nomes para personagens, só que eu vou adaptar os Nomes, para que se ajustem às suas línguas nativas.

Stay Plugged, Stay True.

And Thanks for reading.

Obrigado por ler.

Enigma Fictional Multiverse

Follow me at Twitter @solcajueiro @themagicnation e @schmmach.
$1.56 of $500 per month
I'll dedicate my time to writing the Novels, my Poetry, and the languages I create. When I reach $500 per month, I'll be able to publish all my Poetry on my Wiki, and Blog. The question here is that I'll have to dedicate to translate them into English, because they are translated to Portuguese yet.
Stay Plugged, Stay True -- And Thanks for reading.
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