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About Jamie Dimon

Enigmatic Nomadics provides a massive informative resource for the vandweller and DIYer.

Through your support I am able to host build out parties where I offer folks free labor and even fund equipment myself for those in need.

Come along for the ride with a front row seat knowing your support as a booster of my channel helps make what I do possible.

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up as a patron! My plan is to post two videos per week. Monthly support limits are possible. YOU are making this mission to help others and travel possible!
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For 2019 my Patreon goal is to end the year with over 100 patrons. The van build fest I host each year will be on BLM land in Parker, AZ again this year and it promises to be the best one yet, but along with growth comes expenses. I would like to have a wifi booster for the admin tent, much more signage, more portta potties and other amenities necessary for everyones comfort and organization. Consider pledging even a dollar a video. Every little bit helps!
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