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We're not just seeking Happiness -- we're finding it! This is a judgment-free zone where we can explore the topics of peace, love and happiness in a candid, safe and fun way. We only have this life once -- let's make it count! As a Happiness Coach, I believe in practical, applicable wisdom to help you improve your day, and your life.

My goal is to grow a community of people who want to be happier and are taking steps to  make inner peace and happiness a reality. I plan to do this with daily drops of wisdom (and sarcasm!) that give you the reminders and support you need to be your best. I'd also love to grow a community of people who encourage and support each other.

It's a rough world. Let's join together both online in person and keep the positive energy flowing. Let's take daily steps that turn us continually toward happiness. Happiness isn't just a dream. This community is about people creating real happiness and helping others do the same. I welcome you, and invite you to join as a Patron. Doing so helps pay-it-forward and spread the positive vibes to others! <3
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My first goal is to get back to creating weekly Inner Peace Podcasts delivered here and iTunes. I've received lots of positive feedback for the podcasts and would like to make them more consistently.
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