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• Email me an idea and I'll schedule it as one of my daily drawings!

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About enoogs (Eli Neugeboren)

Hello! I'm Eli Neugeboren (enoogs) and I live and work in Brooklyn, NY. I started Drawing the News with these intentions:
  1. Add consistent rigor to my practice.
  2. Develop and hone my skills and visual style.
  3. Become more informed about current events.

What I didn’t anticipate was that the product of these personal intentions would become a part of other people’s understanding of the world. Through my consistent posting of these drawings to social media, Drawing the News inadvertently became a lens other people peer through that helps them interpret the world’s erratically unfolding events.

There are now close to 1,000 drawings in the series, and while I’m proud of the growth in my skill from drawing number 1 to 1000, I've realized that primary benefit of these drawings is the effect they have on people's day: it might bring attention to a story they would have missed, or perhaps the drawing showed the story in a new light. In a world flooded with digital noise, we all need more true signals. Followers of this series have told me that it effectively gets a story into their timelines without the cacophony we typically face.

By contributing to this Patreon you will help me to create a complete digital archive of the project by scanning more the entire series and making them available to everyone in a searchable database by date, subject matter, and so on that will live at drawingthenews.com. You will also support, me, the artist who produces Drawing the News, which will allow me to make even more. Depending on the level of support I hope to dedicate even more time to this body of work!

By adding this hand-crafted, semi-analog layer of subjective interpretation to the unrelenting news cycle through my contemplative act of drawing, I hope to create a moment of quiet in the raucous info stream. I choose the reference image based on the level of relative importance of the story or event and, at times, my personal reaction to it.

I always do these drawings in one sitting, from 15 minutes to an hour, as a warmup or a cool-down, a break from other work, or an excuse to pause for some drawing in the midst of my hectic life. I’ve drawn nearly all of them on Strathmore 100lb smooth bristol (the first few hundred were drawn on vellum bristol), with a Palomino Blackwing 602 pencil sharpened in a Kum two-step pencil sharpener. I rarely erase.

Drawing is where I started making art and where I feel most at home. Drawing the News has allowed me to work on my style, create a pile of drawings and keep myself up to date with what's happening in the world. In the process, by posting these drawings, I've gotten a lot of positive feedback, which has helped keep the project going. I hope you will join my quest to make sense of the world through art by supporting this project.

Goals for this Drawing the News Patreon:
• a complete digital archive of the project to live at drawingthenews.com
• high-res scans of all 1,000+ drawings
• a searchable database by: date, subject matter, etc.

I'll be offering rewards like
• Process videos
• Original art
• Prints
• Tees
• Tutorials
• and eventually... a book! (Or two, or three...)
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Scan the archive!

When I reach 100 Patrons I will hire an intern to scan the entire series of drawing. They will be high resolution scans, and each drawing will be named for the day it was drawn.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 117 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 117 exclusive posts

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