Enrica Fastuca

is creating Illustrations, drawings and fanart
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About Enrica Fastuca

Hi, my name is Enrica. I'm an illustrator and comic artist from Italy! You can see some of my artworks on deviantart and here you can find my artblog which is constantly updated. At the moment my income consists almost entirely of the money I get from commissions and from selling my artworks. Sometimes it's really hard for me to pay for my living expenses, and that's why every help you can give me through Patreon is invaluable for me, and greatly appreciated.

What do you draw exactly?
Mostly video game fanarts. I love video games! I also took part in several Assassin's Creed art exhibitions organized by Ubisoft Italy, and it was awesome!

Does this mean I will have to pay to see your drawings and fanarts now?
No, not at all! I love drawing, I would do it without ever asking for money. Every Patreon pledge is your own free choice.

How will you use my money?
Mostly I will use it for my basic expenses: grocery shopping, phone bill, electricity bill, that kind of things. I also have this project to self-publish my own artbook - for now I don't have enough money to do that, but who knows, maybe with your help, sooner or later...

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