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per supplement or adventure
Professionally produced, high quality illustrated articles and adventures for your 5E game! You can easily cancel at any time with no hassle. You choose how much to pay per issue, and the maximum you want to pay per month.
per supplement or adventure
Professionally produced, high quality illustrated articles and adventures for your 5E game! Plus immediate access to the entire back-catalog. You can easily cancel at any time with no hassle. You choose how much to pay per issue, and the maximum you want to pay per month.




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  • 346. Spells for Punching. Sometimes even the most cautious mage has to get up and smack somebody in the face—make that smack count. With these 11 new spells in your repertoire you'll be unleashing storm kicks and incinerating roundhouse strikes right alongside warrior allies, and when it really becomes a dire fight then maybe even a godstrike! Pugilistically designed by Peter Martin, illustrated by Herman Lau.
  • 345. Mini-Adventure: The Pallid Piper. We first introduced the umamish—a curious infection of intelligent mushrooms—in EN5ider #333 - Mini-Adventure: Fungal Bums but they've spread since then! When the adventurers return to a town or village they've saved before they find it is rife with patches of mushrooms, unnatural growths said to have been brought about by an old man raising fungi with a song. Though he appears to be a strange human he is far more, and if not stopped the entity for which this so called Pallid Piper heralds will drag many a soul down into the Abyss with it! This sequel supplementary adventure for 4–5 PCs of 7th–9th level was masterfully penned by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Indi Martin, and features the cartography of Dyson Logos.
  • 344. Changes of Zhou. The next time the adventurers cast augury or otherwise make use of divination magic you can do more than simply provide an answer—now you can give them a reading! This 8 page article includes a type of Chinese cleromancy that dates back to the Zhou dynasty (which started more than a millennium before 0 AD), tables for interpreting and understanding the trigrams and hexagrams at the core of this system for telling the future, and an NPC suitable for doling out prophetic information. Written in the recent past by Phil Harmon, illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • 343. Spells: Herculean Incantations. Tell me friend: do you tire of seeing braggadocio knights impress with feats of strength? Running afoul of too many tavern fights with lumbering brutes? Well friend your troubles are over! With this suite of over a dozen brawny spells you'll more than make your mark with magical might that's sure to inspire all within sight! Take the fight against a foe into a coliseum for two with Ahlmeik's arena, send potential paramours head over heels with a bit of flex, make yourself as strong as you'll feel with gigantify, and put enemies down with your powerful blows after unleashing the rage of the meek. It is a true certainty that with these at your disposal you need suffer ridicule for your frailty no longer! Solidly designed by Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Dana Braga.
  • 342. ZEITGEIST #11: Gorged on Ruins - Part 2. In this second installment of ZEITGEIST #11 the PCs encounter the Vsadni (five ancient Lost Riders now transformed into powerful icy titans by the Voice of Rot) and take their fight to Grandis Komanov—most likely with blades but possibly with words instead. Then it's on to a debate truly deific in both its nature and impact: the gods themselves are put on trial in Alais Primos. This module includes 3 maps and one statblock (the Bhad Ryzhavdut Militia), but stay tuned for next month's ZEITGEIST as this adventure finishes with an appendix that is essentially a high-level monster manual all on its own (featuring no less than 40 creatures every GM ought to have in their playbook!) 
  • 341. Intriguing Organizations: Hands of Contrition. Adventurers almost reflexively destroy undead on sight—but they best be wary for there are a rare few that rise up above their nature, seeking to redeem their corrupted souls and serve rather than slay the living. These unique undead are members of the Hands of Contrition, creatures that strive to redeem themselves in their post-mortal existence and help the world at large. Although only ever gathering in small groups their influence spreads far whether they defend the innocent, bolster a community's resources, or saving the victims of catastrophes before survivors perish. Includes the Mummified Guardian (CR 7), restore soul (a 5th-level enchantment), and the Hand creature template. Dutifully designed by Peter Martin, illustrated by Mark Bulahao.
  • 340. Enchanted Trinkets: Plumed Panoply. We've done quite a few Enchanted Trinkets articles but none quite like this one: a full set of magic attire! If your adventurer is the kind that cares about fashion there will be no higher calling than acquiring every piece in this set, from the duck call necklace all the way to a pair of penguin boots. Any that manage to get all 11 of these magic items unlocks a special power too, though doing so—while resisting the urge to break any of them for their more potent effects—is a tall order indeed. Thoughtfully designed by James Abendroth, illustrated by Phil Stone. 
  • 339. Tertiary System: Mass Combat. The mass combat rules offered thus far for Fifth Edition can be pretty disappointing depending on the expectations of your group. Trying to extend the core mechanics to adroitly navigate an entirely different scale of play is simply too much stretching, often eliminating player agency and therein the game. Instead we offer you this alternative tertiary system, rules that employ straightforward mechanics based on narrative storytelling. Make the players into epic heroes who can turn the tide of battle in the face of overwhelming odds without any headaches! Designed by Benjamin Eastman, illustrated by Júlio Cesar Oliveira Rocha.
  • 338. Intriguing Organizations: Readers of War. Fantasy gaming oft emphasizes the magical side of scholastic pursuits, but in the real world one of the traditionally most studied aspects of history is the making of war. With that in mind we present to you the Readers of War, a sect of warriors that fastidiously study combat in all its forms with the most devoted accepting the First Codex of War as their very patron. The rank-and-file are combatants through and through however, traveling the land to teach martial history and arts to those worthy of wielding a blade. In addition to all the information you'd expect from an Intriguing Organizations article, this supplement also includes a Proctor of War (CR 8), a new warlock patron (First Codex), the eponymously named battle book weapon, and three eldritch invocations specifically for First Codex warlocks. Devotedly designed by Peter Martin featuring illustration by Phil Stone.
  • 337. ZEITGEIST #11: Gorged on Ruins - Part 1. Undoing the Obscurati's ritual is a tall order but there are three terrible dangers threatening the world that the adventurers might turn to the vital task: beneath the Beran city of Ursaliña is a Gidim leviathan colonizing the world, comets have striking in Drakr's frozen north herald the return of mythic warlords seeking a final battle, and the gods themselves are being put on trial by the people of Crisillyir! Can the adventurers navigate these epic challenges while learning the ritual themselves so that it can be undone? This 27 page supplement includes the empowered ghost councilor Shuman Larkins (CR 16), great eclipse killer (CR 13), Glaucia Evora (CR 14), and a devious memory trap.
  • 336. Villain Spotlight: Vengar the Reader. Goblins are known for many things—reading is not typically on that list, but it's not like Vengar is a typical goblin. Once a trapfinder for the Chokeleaf tribe, this errant necromancer went entirely off the deep end after selfishly stealing an ancient tome to fulfill his ambitions of power. The cursed book has sucked away his vitality and now Vengar travels from tribe to tribe posing as a shaman, utilizing everything he can to acquire more magics able to extend his piteous life before the dark entities he's pledges his soul to come calling for his debt. In addition to his statistics (CR 5), this dastardly goblin has access to a variety of enhanced undead that explode, ignite, poison, become conduits of deathly energies, and even hide other monsters inside their bodies. Designed by Charlie Brooks, illustrated by Renan Moraes.
  • 335. Enchanted Trinkets: Arcane Atlases. Sometimes knowing where you're going just doesn't cut it because after all, journeys are often only half of a quest. That's where these wondrous maps make their mark. The atlas of the lost keeps track of the things you've erroneously discarded along the way, a social map is certain to show its value after carousing starts and you forget where the next tavern is located, and surely being able to quickly find a healer thanks to a caduceus chart is a boon—one that might well mean the difference between life and death! Find these among the 10 unique enchanted trinkets on offer here, and get yourself a few maps worth keeping in your pack. Designed by Andrew Engelbrite and illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • 334. Multiclass Feats. Sometimes you want to play an adventurer that's more than a stalwart warrior, deft vagabond, or potent spellcaster. It can be good fun to explore concepts that mean a few levels in one class and then a few more in another. The Fifth Edition rules are unfortunately not quite up to the task when it comes to keeping such a character as viable as their purely fighter, wizard, or cleric counterparts when the campaign reaches higher levels—until now. With these 12 feats in hand (all of which are only available starting at 7th level) a variety of combinations become more worthwhile to pursue throughout a campaign, whether you're a doubly-obliged paladin and warlock, a ranger with a touch of bard, a studious wizardly monk, or one of many other amalgamations! Designed by Peter Martin, illustrated by Xanditz.
  • 333. Mini-Adventure: Fungal Bums. The adventurers destroy an infestation of strange mushroom creatures but days later one of the PCs develops an odd sickness impervious to traditional cures. Within weeks mushrooms sprout from the afflicted's back, and far stranger, the sporecaps speak. The 'umamish' claim to be helpful symbiotic fungus, merely hoping to hitch a ride until they reach maturity—and their host feels stronger, more resilient, better than ever before. However the umamish are anything but benevolent, slowly gaining control of the PC's mind and releasing more spores to infect others. To be cured the party needs to track down a recluse rumored to know the cure for these unwanted fungal stowaways! This supplementary adventure for 4–5 PCs is best used in an ongoing campaign (introduced at 3rd level and ending by 6th level) but can be contained into a shorter quest for 6th level PCs. Cunningly designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Jeffrey Chen, and featuring the cartography of Dyson Logos.
  • 332. ZEITGEIST #10 - Godmind: Part 3. This is the crunchiest part of ZEITGEIST #10 - Godmind and includes the full breadth of rules and monsters a GM will need to run the rest of the module! That begins with the fundamental changes to the mechanics of reality following the Obscurati ritual and is followed by a host of creatures: the Ash Wolf (fey titan CR 25), smoldering wolf (CR 10), Beshela the Archfey of the Sea (CR 14), the Father of Thunder (fey titan CR 25), Granny Allswell (fey titan CR 25), corrupted earth spirit (CR 15), Asrabey Varal the Archfey of Obedience (CR 17), Porteur de Mort revelation sniper (CR 13), Porteur de Mort murderer (CR 13), Porteur de Mort alchemist (CR 13), Obscurati master builder (CR 15), Obscurati divinist (CR 14), Danoran frigate crew (CR 15), Danoran boarding squad (CR 11), and finally Sovereign Han Jierre (CR 20). 
  • 331. Writhing Codex. Kill and zombify foes with breath of the master, do exactly what you think with corpse explosion, cast parasitic eruption to send someone to Cronenberg-ville, curse enemies with power word doom, become as resilient and unyielding as your animated minions via undead fortitude, disturb everybody at the party by conjuring a wall of flesh, protect your secrets with withering aura, travel in style by using wormway to hitch a ride in a purple worm, or go all-in and make the change into a wriggling mass of worms by casting the epic writhing transformation spell. Don't worry about the spellbook slithering a little bit—that's completely normal and nothing to worry about. Disturbingly designed by Ben Green, illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • 330. Enchanted Trinkets: Patron Tokens. Warlocks—the mages who traded their souls for eldritch blast. We know them, we love their beams of death, but when it gets down to the nuts and bolts they sometimes fall short of the prowess shown by their companions. In that light this article is all about gifts geared to make the most out of Pact Magic users! As usual with the enchanted trinkets series each item has an innocuous, roleplay enriching effect, suggested gold value, and a resource element that you can use to create a more powerful effect at the expense of the item itself. This supplement's 14 magic items include the angel-hide bookmark, badge of seasons, barbed devil's bracelet, confidante's journal, fathomer's ring, focusing eye, hungry quasit, infernal triptych, paramour's daisy, satyr boots, seven-sided coin, sidereal lens, star milk, and true shape mirror. Devilishly designed by William Fischer and illustrated by Sade.
  • 329. Spells: Masterpiece Renditions. There is magic in music and few melodies contain as much nuanced power as this suite of sublime spells! Play the rousing and rising accelerando to empower a band of warriors, unleash the battlecry ballad to rally your forces, employ the expertise of circular breathing to perform beneath the waves, cast crowd pleaser to get a party started, employ dramatic sting to pluck at a foe's heartstrings, never allow an audience to forget you with earworm, become more helpful with an accompaniment from harmonic resonance, blow away listeners with the power of resonating solo, create a background player with strike up the band, or spread true sorrow with the use of fearful sonnet! These masterpieces of magic were penned by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Mark Bulahao.
  • 328. ZEITGEIST #10 - Godmind: Part 2. At the start of this 28 page second installment of the 10th ZEITGEIST module an illusion from the fiend Ashima-Shimtu rises up from wherever blood touched the water during the battle against She Who Writhes, bringing important information to the party and a dire request to travel back to the island at the axis of the world—where their old secretive acquaintance Benedict Pemberburton (from ZEITGEIST #6) has taken control. Once there the adventurers battle a massive hivemind before revisiting the mines to rendezvous with Nicodemus once more, concocting a plan with their allies to undo the ritual that has upset nature itself. To do so however the PCs need to infiltrate the Forward Symposium and confront the Godmind, a hivemind of considerable power that's bent on consuming the world—and might even be able to do it! This entry in the adventure path includes the Obscurati Golem (CR 17), Axis Hivemind (CR 17), Pardo (CR 12), Mindscape Ectoplasmid (CR 17), and Black Blossom (CR 10).
  • 327. Mini-Adventure: Ghosts in the Graveyard. In life Gabriel Valcori was a successful businessman, famed throughout the city for his wealth and generosity. Unbeknownst to his admirers however the merchant began his career by robbing graves, a vice he continued even after securing his vast fortune. Valcori’s crimes remained undiscovered while he lived, but upon his death the merchant was buried in the very graveyard he once robbed—an outrage that has driven Valcori’s victims to return as restless spirits! This short sidequest for 4–5 5th level PCs was written by William Fischer, features color artwork by Phil Stone and Ellis Goodson, along with the cartography of Dyson Logos
  • 326. Monstrous Menagerie: Three Arcane Avians. Doom comes from above with this trio of monstrous magical birds! The three-eyed pale striganes (CR 5) is a psionically empowered owl that paralyzes prey with psychic blasts then scatters any companions with a burst of mental fear before sinking its claws into its victims flesh, devouring the thing's mind and draining any mental prowess to feed its young. Conversely there's the cacophony cockatoo (CR 1), a brightly colored, highly intelligent, and extremely mischievous tropical bird with a knack for disrupting spellcasters with its cries. Individually these creatures can neutralize spells, but larger flocks have been known to turn spells back on their casters, and they are clever enough to ally with tribes and creatures in their native lands in exchange for food and shiny trinkets. Finally there's the carrion crow (CR 3), a necromantically-gifted corvid with the ability to raise and control the dead, forming small hordes of zombies to defend their nests—yet they also learn to drag secrets from the decaying minds of their zombie guards, occasionally trading information with sinister folk for magical treasures. Wonderfully designed by Joe Crow (yes the irony was not lost on anyone) and illustrated by Xanditz.
  • 325. Frozen Archetypes. Spring is here and for most of us winter has passed, but before the season is truly behind us we've got four chilly class archetypes to include in your game! First off there are two barbarian primal paths: Frostbitten warriors that wield cold like a weapon and those who choose to be Titanic, gradually increasing in size whenever they rage. Next up are Frozen Blood monks, a perfect option for those hermit characters dwelling alone in the mountains. Finally there's the Cold Soul warlock patron who grants powerful control over ice that allows followers to substitute cold damage in their spells, propel themselves using it, and ultimately the ability to condense the moisture in the air into a massive frozen boulder to drop onto foes!

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