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There are 13 free sample supplements for you to check out:
  • James Haeck's Treasures Dark and Terrible
  • Priests of Elemental Power from C. Richard Davis
  • Into the Feywild—a fey-themed adventure by Kiel Chenier and our 100th issue
  • Newly Unlocked: ZEITGEIST #1: Island at the Axis of the World (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3) is the first module in the epic ZEITGEIST Adventure Path and introduces to the world the epic (and first of its kind) steamship the R.N.S. Coaltongue, then calls upon the heroes to undertake a daring raid against the duchess of Axis Island! 
  • The Crypta Hereticarum ZEITGEIST Side Quest, a dungeon any GM can make use of
  • Cauldron-Born: exciting kaiju golem chaos at the end of ZEITGEIST #5
  • A malicious necromancer dragon in Villain Spotlight: Syndrathrax the Soul-Eater
  • The Geomancer, an innovative new spellcaster class by Josh Gentry that turns the surrounding elements into potent weapons and tools, emboldens allies with hearth magic, and fuels spells with the primal components of all creation
  • The Savant: brilliant detectives, iconic martial artists, and adventurous physicians each utilizing brilliance where others rely on magic or brute power. For a these intellectual warriors, saving the day means turning leverage and knowledge into weaponry.

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  • 319. Mini-Adventure: Mistaken Identity. A mysterious message is brought to the adventurers, promising them that a reward and great boon await in the abandoned clanhold of the Greymail dwarves. When they arrive however they are confronted with a challenge: Voorhan Greymail believes they are the descendants of those responsible for bringing ruin to his clan, and he demands justice. The PCs can simply fight Voorhan and his dwarven champion cohorts but by investigating the ruins they can reveal a compelling truth, prove their innocence, and flush the true culprit out into the open! Designed by Tyler Omichinski for 4–5 PCs of 5th–6th level, featuring cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • 318. Logical Spells. The Esoteres believe a comprehensive understanding of reality is where true power lay—but that does not mean arcana should be abandoned. Their sages and scribes have developed a suite of unique spells to enhance their mastery over natural forces and the world around them, whether that be the calculate cantrip for rapidly solving complex problems or a far more powerful spell like recursive descent—used to trap a target into a recursive looping memory from which few ever escape! This article of 8 new spells was designed by Quinn Callahan and illustrated by Phil Stone.
  • 317. ZEITGEIST #9 - The Last Starry Sky: Part 3. This segment of the module brings ZEITGEIST #9 to its official close with an appendix for each of the following: the Rites of Rulership (rules for monarchs that the PCs will get to make use of), statistics for Fey Lords, Allied NPCs, and Naval Forces, and Magic and Training covering such goodies like the borenbog's gourd, crown of risur, and the mask of the unseen court. The 19 NPCs in this PDF include Palace Guards (CR 9), Monarch Thisraldion (CR 18), Atala (CR 15), Karrest the Fire (CR 15), Furg the Toadstool Sage (CR 15), Sallin the Dryad (CR 15), Olazdor the Archfey of Winds (CR 15), Beshela the Archfey of the Sea (CR 14), Lerina the Reseen Marauder (CR 14), Lavac the Gremlin Herald (CR 12), Darbony the Gruff Goat (CR 12), King Aodhan Lesterman (CR 15), Principal Minister Harkover Lee (CR 16), Asrabey Varal (CR 15), Dame Jillian the Green Knight (CR 12), Amielle Latimer (CR 9), Lauryn Cyneburg (CR 14), Stover Delft (CR 11), and Hana "Gale" Soliogn (CR 12).
  • 316. Villain Spotlight: Jaxi the Blightgunner. Although they are certainly places of decay and death, swamps are also home to a great deal of life and they bustle with activity—the popping of gasses rising out of the muck, the chittering of insects ever searching for food, and in Chokewater, the clack of colliding lead firing off an explosive charge from Jaxi's rifle! The Blightgunner has fiercely protected her lair for 16 years now, though she has long since ceased loving her home and desperately searches for a way to escape its influence without giving up the powers it has bestowed upon her. In addition to her statblock (CR 7) this article includes a trio of magic items: an acid bullet recipe, drypowder, and Thorncase. Designed by Peter Martin, illustrated by Herman Lau and Savage Mojo.
  • 315. Gamemaster Characters: Recruiting Followers & Pets. After finding an orphaned baby displacer beast, enlightening the misguided apprentice to a mad wizard, or helping a lonely dire lion heal an injury making it aggressive there are many adventuring groups that won't want to abandon a wayward NPC or monster—instead they'll plead to include it in the party. Let them and use this article to guide the process, utilizing the mechanics for Morale, Goals, and Recruitment to determine how long a GMC (gamemaster character, one shared between the GM and the PCs) sticks around, how loyal they are, and when it's time for them to go. Designed by Tyler Omichinski, illustrated by Rafael Benjamin.
  • 314. Mini-Adventure: Cold Love. The seasons should have passed but spring still hasn't arrived—almost as if winter's chill is stalking the adventurers. Soon they realize the truth of the situation and discover that one of the party members has inadvertently won over the love of a powerful cold elemental, Gelissa the Spirit of Winter, and though her affection for them might be red hot it's too cool to be sustained. While notes are included to play through the module all at once, this supplemental adventure is designed to be added to an existing campaign as an engaging sidequest for 4–5 PCs of 5th–9th level. Wonderfully designed by Andrew Angelbrite, illustrated by Claudio Pozas, and featuring the cartography of Dyson Logos.
  • 313. Intriguing Organizations: Which Watch? In every city adventurers tread one thing remains constant: there's probably a city watch or local police force. Usually these guards only come into play when the plot requires it or a group of PCs start brazenly breaking the law, but minor as they often are that doesn't mean that all city watches will be the same. That's where this article shines—use these templates and guides to rapidly change these often overlooked NPCs into an engaging (and intriguing) force for good, evil, law, or profit, adding a realistic and tangible aspect to the game that makes the local police an interesting element in any given settlement. Brilliantly penned by Eran Aviram; illustrated by Indi Martin.
  • 312. ZEITGEIST #9 - The Last Starry Sky: Part 2. The name of the game in the second half of this module is regicide! These 36 pages bring a narrative close to ZEITGEIST's 9th adventure with 7 maps and 27 (!) different NPCs involved in plots to assassinate King Aodhan. Catherine Romana (CR 9), Senior Ghost Councilor (CR 10), Ghost Council Detachment (CR 12), Skeletal Dragon Tyrant (CR 18), Professor Bugge (CR 13), Dread Wight (CR 9), Flayed Dire Jaguar (CR 10), Bleak Gate Killer (CR 13), Obscurati Squad (CR 7), Bleak Lantern Golem (CR 10), Wraith Assassination Horde (CR 11), Danoran Company (CR 11), Steam Walker (CR 13), Danoran Lookout (CR 3), Lya Jierre [ghost version] (CR 16), Draconic Witchoil Golem (CR 16), Risuri Elite Squad (CR 7), Staircase Mimic (CR 13), Doppelganger Agent (CR 13), and finally Roland Stanfield (CR 17) and his CR 13 incarnations (Swordsman, Conspirator, Sorcerer, Loremaster, Holy Warrior, Politician, and Technologist). If you are GMing any high-level games you should definitely snag this issue!
  • 311. Magic Items: Hunter Totems. Congratulations! With daring, skill, and a touch of luck you've achieved new heights of herodom by slaying a powerful monster! As the party starts canvassing its lair for treasure however, you instead draw your carving knife and get to work taking a trophy for yourself from the creature's cadaver. Unfortunately you don't really get much for your dragon's tooth, the scales of a chitinous aberration, or a fiend's horn—until now! Using the rules in this article you can not only look more impressive for all the challenging foes you've vanquished, you can gain mechanical benefits from these trophies-turned-magic items, empowering you to take on even bigger monsters! Designed by Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • 310. New Race: Sentient Illusions. A few weeks ago we introduced the sapient magical life forms wrought by the Order of Sentience as creatures⁠—today’s article gives sentient illusions rules for use as a player race! Start adventuring as magic incarnate by choosing your core (diamond, emerald, onyx, ruby, sapphire, or topaz) and later on perhaps dabble even further with the Back to Basics or Illusory Roots feats! Designed by Azra Kaknes; illustrated by Xanditz.
  • 309. Mini-Adventure: Bastards Revenge. With decades of adventuring behind him it’s finally time for Talladio Mihrad to rest his blade and settle down. Unfortunately however this charismatic vagabond’s past is coming back to haunt him—he was a glorious monster slayer and hero to many, but he also sired copious children that are all now tracking him down to exact vengeance for their abandonment! This supplemental mini-adventure for 4–5 PCs of 3rd–5th level was designed by Mike Myler, illustrated by Claudio Pozas, and features cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • #308. Magic Items: Prayerbooks & Scripture. This time of year is dominated by holidays—the Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Pancha Ganapati, Saturnalia, Yule, Boxing Day, Festivus—and in honor of these many traditions we've prepared a special article from a source uniquely suited to tackle religious subjects. Regular EN5ider contributor Josh Gentry is not only a talented and creative game designer, he's also a studying theologian and minister in training at Emory University! When Josh pitched an article that bridged his academic pursuits with D&D 5E it was too good of an opportunity to pass up and with that in mind, we are happy to introduce to you Magic Items: Prayerbooks & Scripture. In this issue you'll find 6 unique prayerbooks (A Word of Salvation, Rites of Life, Imprication & Vindication, Journey Through the Aether, The Hierophant's Journal, and The Song of Creation) to bring some scholarly elements to the game for clerics and paladins, as well as guidelines for making your own prayerbooks, and a Sacred Story Generator to help generate lore. Illustrated by Guilherme Sommermeyer.
  • #307. Monstrous Menagerie: Sentient Illusions. Today's entry in the Monstrous Menagerie series brings into focus illusory arcana that have gone beyond the bounds of figmentation, attaining not just physical forms but sentience as well! The unique nature of these creatures ties each to a gemstone and set of characteristics that define the boundaries of a sentient illusion’s capacity for change after it achieves independent thought—for the bridge from spell to creature exacts a heavy toll. Innovatively designed by Azra Kaknes; illustrated by Xanditz and Gennifer Bone.
  • #306. ZEITGEIST #9 - The Last Starry Sky: Part One. The second act of the ZEITGEIST adventure path begins its end in a perilous race against time as the heroes are trapped within the Dreaming. They are hard pressed to escape quickly to stop an Obscurati plot of regicide against the king of Risur, but to do so the adventurers must please a fey court and trick a true titan of nature! This module (for PCs of 15th–16th level) is chock full of 17 statblocks for NPCs and monsters that are great for forested or fey-themed sessions. Pugwampi fox rider (CR 5), fey dire fox (CR 5), great huntsman (CR 12), fey orca (CR 12), boon satyr Xeniam (CR 12), satyr piper (CR 10), satyr springjack (CR 10), the (really cool tankard guzzling) Dread Borenbog (CR 15), dreaming ettercap (CR 5), webway giant spider (CR 12), Copperhat the Headless (CR 11), centaur cavalry unity (CR 12), lightning-split treant (CR 14), the Voice of Rot (CR 20), Blackwood treant (CR 13), rotted archer (CR 9), and exoskeletal ettercap gang (CR 7). 
  • #305. Mini-Adventure: Tainted Remedies. When the adventurers emerge battered and bruised from a dangerous situation they fortuitously stumble across the traveling healer Sanador. The elven woman introduces herself as an emergency medic who seeks out danger to offer aid, then gives each of the PCs a healing potion absolutely free of charge. What the party don't know is that the alchemist secretly laces her healing potions with a highly addictive solution that not only makes them more potent, but can easily get her patients cripplingly hooked!  This excellent supplementary mini-adventure designed by Andrew Engelbrite is a great sidequest for 4–5 PCs of 3rd–5th level made to be inserted inside of your current campaign! Color art by Savage Mojo with cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • #304. Over the Next Hill: The Medieval Lord's Manor. Baronies and fiefdoms are a staple of medieval fantasy, playing a role in many of our games and worlds—today's article takes a historical approach to understanding the barony of Alexander Ouer Middleton, providing a perfect example of the usual ruler, subordinates, and culture to be found in a medieval estate. Included are statistics for the baron (CR 3), his reeve (CR ¼), and the local miller (CR ½) as well as rumors and plot hooks alongside a custom map of the Middleton lands! Written by Phill Harmon; illustrated by Indi Martin; cartography by Mik Holmes.
  • #303. Monstrous Menagerie: Unique Dragons. The Monstrous Menagerie series is back with a variety of new dragons to enrich your 5E game! This article includes the fey dragon template with Teyladin the Reclaimer (a young green fey dragon) and the memory dragon template (used for the Librarian of Orban Tur, an ancient silver memory dragon). Written by Ben Green; illustrated by Alba Palacio and Ellis Goodson.
  • #302. Intriguing Organizations: House of the Reclaimed Soul. This Intriguing Organization takes in the truly repentant and tries to lead them to find redemption. Despite the horrorscape around them these ex-clerics, warlocks, and other fools tricked into serving fiends during their time as mortals strive to do good following their deaths while purging themselves of the evils within. This article includes details for five NPCs as well as statistics for penitents (spellcasters that have devoted themselves to masochistic purges of sin). Written by Catherine Evans; illustrated by Marcel Budde and Claudio Pozas. 
  • #301. The Not-So-Lonely Road. Make your next overland trip more interesting and really engage adventurers with the world in just a few dice rolls! This article takes a look upon our collective past, using historical information and parallels to help GMs create realistic NPC encounters outside of major settlements (with examples), providing opportunities to roleplay, pass information via highway gossip, and even trade and refresh supplies. Written by Phill Harmon; illustrated by Phil Stone.
  • #300. Mini-Adventure: The Titan Gates. To commemorate achieving 300 articles we've got an excellent extra special mini-adventure for today: a module that's meant for 11th–12th level play but with a little modification can be used anywhere from 3rd to 16th level. This has not one or two but THREE different maps as PCs face off against giants with portals in their chests, the mystical gateways dragging the adventurers into the dangerous challenges of the Titan Gate Gladiators—those that survive are enshrined in history as champions and gain powerful allies, as well as the ability to rapidly traverse parts of the world thanks to their hard-fought allies. Brilliantly designed by EN5ider luminary Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Kevin Shea; maps from Dyson Logos.
  • #299. ZEITGEIST 8 - Diaspora: Part 3. With their next destination revealed the PCs must begin their plans to reach the ghost city of Methia, located deep in enemy territory, and they will need to properly plan their method of insertion and extraction from the Danoran-held city. To succeed the adventurers must journey across a dead magic field, sneak past an army, unleash a colossus, temporarily wind back time 5 years, face the villain Nicodemus, and escape capture along the way! For GMs not already using this adventure path, this PDF includes TWENTY (!) creatures and NPCs to add to your gaming toolbox.
  • #298. Villain Spotlight: Rosie Arkwright. Halloween is later this week and to help spookify your games we've got an unassuming horror to titillate, captivate, and eviscerate adventurers: the undead ragdoll Rosie Arkwright. Despite her small size she is durable, deadly, and able to create legions of creatures like herself, vastly outnumbering victims before swarming upon them with mystical needle and thread used to sew up mouths, eyes, and lives! Brilliantly penned by Andrew Engelbrite with a wonderful illustration by Xanditz.
  • #297. Monster Salvaging. Halloween is nearly here so the next couple articles offer a bit of creepy or gruesome content for your 5E game. With that in mind today's offering is all about corpses! Get the adventurers rooting about in cadavers after a battle ends in search of monster reagents they can transform into items that enhance spells, help concoct virulent poisons or useful potions, and even replicate the abilities of the creatures they've slain. Written by Michael Ohl; illustrated by Herman Lau.
  • #296. Technomancy Gremlins. Veteran EN5ider designer Andrew Engelbrite has penned another article of fabulous magic items, but this time they're not enchanted trinkets—instead each are innocuous objects of a different sort, powered by curious little gremlins that love nothing more than to perform the specific tasks they've been conjured for! There are a total of 13 different such items within ranging from the simple gremlin direction finder MK2 and timekeeper gremlin deluxe to the dicier slap-cut-chop-mince-dicinator and image-capturing premium gremlin. Illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • #295. Mini-Adventure: Desert on the Road. This short sidequest (designed for 4–6 PCs of 5th–9th level) can be placed in any campaign not currently set in an arid location. The adventurers find the climate becoming unusually hot during a journey, to the point that plants are dying around them. As they continue the normal landscape suddenly turns harsh, dry, and hot, and they encounter a few random fire elementals. At the center of this strange desert is a tower taken over by creatures adhered to flame: an incursion of salamanders, led here by a magical experiment gone awry that left open a portal to the Plane of Fire. The party fights their way to the top before confronting a stream of fiery warriors, only closing the planar gate with the help of a small group of azer—provided they aren't burned alive first! Designed by Cole Grandel, illustrated by Savage Mojo, and using cartography by Dyson Logos
  • #294. ZEITGEIST 8 - Diaspora: Part 2. In this 32 page second act of ZEITGEIST #8: Diaspora the party recovers an artifact to let Kasvarina recollect over five centuries of memories from across the world, and they too bear witness to the memory-events! For GMs that aren't using the adventure path yet the PDF includes 16 (SIXTEEN!) NPCs and monsters: a Vigil Chaplain (CR 9), Vigil Vindicator (CR 5), the Godhand Commander Aulus Atticus (CR 14), weretiger Bramblehome Hunters (CR 7) and Shamans (CR 9), the weretiger raja Betronga Sidhon (CR 14), Coaltongue Flame Demon (CR 12), the undead Tragedy (CR 12), Golden Legionnaire (CR 7), Golden Legion Commander (CR 12), Bleak Ambush Golem (CR 10), Zombie Horde (CR 12), Clergy Armsman (CR 5), Elfalvar Levy Soldier (CR 6), Pemperbot (CR 13), and the dwarven cleric Serafima/Grandis (CR 7). Plus there are 6 maps!
  • #293. Enchanted Trinkets: Something for Everyone. The Enchanted Trinkets series continues! These are reasonably priced magic items with minor, flavorful impacts that make them fun to have around but not unbalancing for GMs to hand out as rewards, only really making a difference when an adventurer breaks their enchanted trinket for a more profound impact. This article details class-specific enchanted trinkets in the same vein as A Present for Every Class (which had an issue for Warriors and Spellcasters), making sure there's something for everyone whether that's the barbarian's victory cord, bard's miraculous ring, cleric's devoted diadem, druid's leafy greaves, fighter's splendid sheathe, mage's magnificent cape, monk's combat bracers, paladin's minor relic, ranger's sacred locket, rogue's brass knuckles, sorcerer's exceptional boots, warlock's glittering gemstone, warrior's battle belt, or wizard's remarkable gloves! Written by Mike Myler; illustrated by Indi Martin.
  • #292. Mini-Adventure: Cult of the Rat God. This mini-adventure for 4–5 characters of 3rd level is a fun twist on an old gaming trope: the barkeep with a rat problem. In this scenario however the tavern owner is the source of his own problems, the unintended consequences of a misguided ploy to attract adventurers to his establishment gone awry, and now things have gotten terribly out of hand! Written by Jacob Gobhar, illustrated by Savage Mojo, and uses the cartography of Dyson Logos.
  • #291. Intriguing Organizations: The Graven Sculptors. The life of a commoner is not an easy one and the offer of helping hands is most welcome⁠, particularly when a helper is certain to stick around. It comes as little surprise then that the mysterious Graven Sculptors are always quick to find farmers and serfs eager to make use of their unique services, paying paltry sums to acquire their own hard-working homunculi to help till fields, prepare harvests, and assist about the house. None of them realize that the cheap price they pay is only part of the deal however—everything one of these small creations sees or hears is communicated back to its creator! Thus the group of doppelgangers responsible rapidly gain power wherever they travel, gathering up all of a settlement's secrets to better assimilate and take control of a village or town when the time is right. Written by Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Rachel Maduro. 
  • #290. Villain Spotlight: Dras'a Wolf. This entry into the Villain Spotlight series is all about the scourge of the seas men know as Dras'A the Wolf, a hobgoblin pirate with incredible ambitions and the cunning to see them through. Originally master of the Drelway Chain of islands, after capturing a learned shipmaker from afar the monstrous buccaneer has been preparing for when his abductee's drafts and designs lead to ocean-worthy vessels, boats that will unleash him and his underlings to become a scourge upon the open waves.
  • #289. ZEITGEIST #8 - Diaspora: Part 1. The Great Malice. Five centuries ago the death of a goddess triggered widespread upheaval, setting the stage for the modern industrial revolution. But for the eladrin of Elfaivar, the tragedy left behind a crippled people who scattered across the world with little sense of common identity. In the ruins of Elfaivar the party must locate Kasvarina Varal, a founder of the Obscurati who has lost her memories. With the aid of an artifact that can manifest the past in physical form, they can retrace her steps across 500 years, restore her identity while gaining her trust, and recover secrets that will reveal how to thwart the conspiracy's grand design! This PDF includes Act 1 of the eighth ZEITGEIST adventure and is best suited for perdurable heroes of 13th–14th level. Includes three statblocks: Obscurati Researcher (CR 11), Ten-Headed Lion (CR 14), Elite Dreadnought (CR 13).
  • #288. Wear and Tear. Material components, backup buckles, oils and whetstones, extra munitions, replacement straps—there's a lot of maintenance to do when adventuring. Most Gamemasters gloss over these things but for campaigns that have a more old school or gritty feel that's part of the fun! With that in mind this issue of EN5ider approaches adventuring gear the same way that Fifth Edition does exhaustion: there are several levels of maintenance and equipment naturally deteriorates over time. PCs can use their downtime or their coin to keep their blades, backpacks, tomes, and bedrolls in proper shape, and anyone that really invests their time or money to do so takes with them the best-crafted items (most able to take a beating). This handy subsystem is the design of Eran Aviram, illustrated by Renan Costa Morales!
  • #287. Mini-Adventure: Angel's Bacchanalia. Legends speak of a solstice festival arranged by a mysterious angelic patron deep in the woods, an event where the angel forgives all sins and no depravity goes unindulged. The adventurers are approached by a grieving mother claiming that her daughter attended last year’s bacchanalia but never returned, and she offers a substantial reward if the missing girl's fate can be found. The PCs must attend the wild celebration, infiltrate the deranged patrons, and eventually confront the fiendish erinyes that lord over this revel and the degenerate cultists that attend it. Written by Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Savage Mojo and using cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • #286. Enchanted Trinkets: Gifts of Nature. The Enchanted Trinkets series is back again with 10 minor enchanted items from nature ideal to be in the possession of—or given as gifts from—fey folk! Eat some sourberries then throw up on your foes, plant a root club when you need to slow down your enemies, ask a bark dog to go home and briefly visit its charming extradimensional abode, or unleash the bubble wand to either play at lights or break it to escape from imminent danger in the safety of its floating embrace. Written by Will Gawned; illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • #285. Intriguing Organizations: MacGruddin's Engineers. MacGruddin’s Engineers are hard-drinking sappers, machinists, cart-drivers, and cooks. Though the group is mostly dwarves (including Captain MacGruddin) all that is required to earn a place in the company are equal parts of loyalty and sweat equity. Specialized work includes construction of siege equipment (catapults, ballistae, towers, and the like), undermining castle walls, and the manufacture of specialized ammunition for siege weapons. Additional services offered include bridge building, laying down roads, and general construction—but most of the crew would much rather break things than build 'the boring stuff'. Written by Bill Beers, illustrated by Indi Martin.
  • #284. ZEITGEIST #7 - Schism: Appendix. This issue for ZEITGEIST is one that every member of EN5ider should definitely download. Within Schism's Appendix are several handouts for the campaign (including some cards), but more importantly it contains a whopping 16 monsters and NPCs (ranging from the Steelshaper Leone Quital to witches to ghost councils and even a ghost witch) as well as 10 magic items! 
  • #283. Monstrous Menagerie: Elemental Pets. While elementals are fun creatures to include in a combat due to their primal powers, 5th Edition is sorely lacking in variety for them among the lower challenge ratings. This article introduces some new monsters to fill that gap: lightning sparrows, dust bunnies, bubble puppies, mud cats, and roots! These are somewhat whimsically-named creatures with cantrip level attacks, glass jaws, and unique death effects similar to mephits, allowing for them all to more flexibly fit into multi-creature encounters at even the lowest of levels. This supplement includes statistics for all 5 creatures, as well as a brief description of their habitats and behaviors. Written by Jacob Gobhar; illustrated by Herman Lau. 
  • #282. Villain's Spotlight: Skrivena Moc. Usually found deep within a dungeon near the site of a bloody battle, the blade Skrivena Moc seems at first to be a powerful weapon able to sear foes with fire and strike through even the toughest armor. What more it speaks to its wielders, offering advice and admiration in equal parts—but only to gain their trust, convincing them that their unnatural attachment to it is nothing to fear all the while it slowly consumes their very soul! This devious intelligent magic item and creature was written by Andrew Engelbrite and illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • #281: ZEITGEIST #7 - Schism: Part 2. In this 37-page entry in the ZEITGEIST Adventure Path the party heads north to a glacial rift controlled by frost giants loyal to the Obscurati, and once there they must reach a frozen lich and trade Leone’s soul for Grappa’s aid. 
  • #280: Mini-Adventure: The Shuggin's Heist. This mini-adventure can be easily included into any city where there are thieves—in particular the trio of Gribbles, Big Sam, and Escraz. These burglars have trespassed onto the manor of a powerful mage and stolen a potent artifact, a deck of enchanted cards that have quickly turned the entire heist into a debacle that's garnered the entire settlement's attention. Several of the watch have already been injured trying to bring these brigands to justice and the PCs are called in to handle the situation, but can they? This mini-adventure for 4–5 PCs of 6th level (and its randomized elements) was written by Tyler Omichinski, with illustration by Claudio Pozas and using a map by Dyson Logos.
  • #279: Hazards of the High Seas. With the Ghosts of Saltmarsh out there in the world it would be remiss of EN5ider not to release some content to help get your seafaring adventures out onto the water! Jeff Gomez has penned an excellent article in Hazards of the High Seas that details a 20 entry hyperlinked table of plot hooks, chance aquatic encounters, and maritime intrigue ideal to roll on whenever the question arises: what's that over the bow!?
  • #278: Top Shelf Spell Components. All too often 5E groups wave away material components that are inexpensive, but there's no reason that aspect of spellcasting can't be made more exciting and engaging! In this EN5iderissue there are more than two dozen new material components (both expensive and otherwise) that modify and improve the spells they are used to cast, giving both mages and priests plenty of motivation to pay more attention to the reagents they need to work their magic. Written by Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Phil Stone.
  • #277: Archetypes of Antiquity. Take to the coliseum with the retiarius fighter archetype, a net-wielding combatant perfect for gladiator-style characters! Perhaps instead you might pierce the veil as a warlock of the Oracle patron, foreseeing what is to come just in time to dodge a lethal blow or even reveal to your enemy the final moment of its life? There's also the Family domain for clerics yearning for a sense of community and the means to protect it, as well as a new background appropriate for campaigns in ancient Greece or Rome (the Freed Slave). Written by Finn Jäshcke; illustrated by Marcel Budde.
  • #276: Mini-Adventure: Secret Faces of Velsburg. While traveling through the wilderness the adventurers come across a small hamlet plagued by a recent rash or murders committed by 'The Ghost'. The longer the party stay in Velsburg however, the quicker they realize that the supposedly bloodthirsty spirit preying upon the settlement is not the remote village's only mystery. In this sidequest to save Velsburg the PCs are confronted with a shocking truth underpinning it all and are presented with a dire dilemma: is it worth saving? This mini-adventure is for 4–5 PCs of 5th level. Written by Charlie Brooks; illustrated by Savage Mojo; cartography from Dyson Logos.
  • #275: Intriguing Organizations: The Osseus Dwarves of Hollow Mountain. In the ancient past the exiles of a dwarven kingdom made their own home by hollowing out a mountain and building a fortress atop it, embracing the defensive measure that saw them cast out by their kin—necromancy. Eventually the world saw their civilization undone but someone (perhaps even the party or someone they know) raided the entrance to their seemingly abandoned city. This trespass has disturbed the slumber of the stout folk and now they rise again as undead, masterless and deluded into believing they live still. The few who know of them call them the Osseus Dwarves for they believe the weapons and armor they forge is made of steel, unaware and unable to see not only their own changed forms, but also that they wield and wear the bones of the dead. This killer entry in the Intriguing Organizations series includes 2 new magic items (boneplate and the bone warhammer), 3 new monsters (Osseus Agent, their leader Blue Helm, and the awesome Siege Mammoth!), and all the details a GM might need to include this group in a game. Thanks to designer Eran Aviram for another brilliantly written article; amazing illustration by the inimitable Indi Martin!
  • #274. ZEITGEIST #7 - Schism: Part 1. Finally the party has a chance to infiltrate the Obscurati, master conspirators they've been chasing for much of the adventure path! On a bleak, remote isle, the gathered villains plot the final stages of their grand design. This heavily-guarded affair is the best chance to land a killing blow against the Obscurati, but to get close enough to strike the constables will need an invitation. Fortunately an old enemy of the party is having a bit of an identity crisis.
    Alexander Grappa crafted the mind of the conspiracy's colossus, then was slain when he had second thoughts. But the crafty mage managed to transfer his consciousness into Leone Quital, who is now responsible for ferrying conspirators to the meeting's secret location. If the constables can help Grappa get control of his new body, he can get them into the conclave. This adventure is provides the maps, narration, sidequests, and encounters that a GM needs to get right up to that point!
    For patrons not playing through the adventure path, this PDF includes 5 unique NPCs (including a headless fellow) and 3 railroad-themed maps (a train station, platform, and some rail cars).
  • #273. Enchanted Trinkets: Thanks for the Memories. Memory can be a funny, ephemeral thing and this article has almost a dozen charming little Enchanted Trinkets all revolving around mnemonic themes. When making use of these innocuous magic items not only will your adventurers gain a small bonus or extra ability, they'll briefly experience the memories of others as well. Whether we're talking about the ever-shifting map, flute of the forgotten feast, ivory knights, or plague doctor's mask this is an issue of EN5ider that you won't soon forget! Written by Charlie Brooks and illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • #272. Planar Diseases. By the time adventurers are hopping between dimensions they are largely beyond fearing virulence, equipped with healing magics that make diseases an easily ignored threat. No longer! This article explores afflictions that can strike wayward planar travelers, sicknesses that extend beyond the confines of the realms material. Adverse ascension affects those who have overly exposed themselves to divine energies, fractured rift disorder can result from the use of dimensional portals, fey longing influences the minds of mortals too fond of the Feywild, and both the pastrasites of Limbo and spectral thought-worms of the Astral Plane can eat away the very memories of a creature to change history itself! Brilliantly written by Eran Aviram; wonderfully illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • #271. Mini-Adventure: Tree of Truth. For centuries the Tree of Truth has answered vexing questions of genealogy and paternity, but usurpers annoyed by this fail safe mechanism have gradually surrounded the magically protected tree with a vicious garden to prevent access to the truth. Most of those who try to trespass perish among the weeds, leaving their precious cargoes where they fall. Can the players reach the sacred tree and escape with the knowledge they need to avert a cataclysm? This mini-adventure for 3–5 PCs of 3rd–5th level was written by John Gorkowski, illustrated by Savage Mojo and using maps by Dyson Logos!
  • #270. Villain Spotlight: Skanafel the Devourer. Once a mighty and noble planetar warrior, the monster that is now Skanafel was captured during a raid into the Abyss by the forces of a powerful demon lord. Dragged into the depths of that wicked domain, he was subjected to centuries of torment and mutilation—his wings destroyed, his face torn from his skull, and his mind and soul twisted and warped by vile demonic craft into an abomination of rage, destruction, and unending hatred for all he once was. Skanafel the Devourer has become a nightmare for the forces of law and good, a demonstration that even the highest of beings can be broken, corrupted, and remade into a fiendish weapon. By Joe Crow; illustrated by Mike Tenebrae.
  • #269. ZEITGEIST #6 - Revelations from the Mouth of a Madman: Part 3. This final installment of Revelations from the Mouth of a Mad Man brings the ZEITGEIST adventure path's 6th arc to a close. In this module the party work with (or around) the Beran military and navy in order to contend with Karch, a sizable city of gnolls near where a foothold must be taken to raid the former lair of the dragon Gradiax—now home to both an underground factory complex constructing duplicants and the gnome Tinker, the insane inventor that built the colossus! Throw in unnaturally rough weather, a massive nautical battle, some dungeon delving, and a steam-augmented dragon and you've got yourself an epic adventure! This article also includes some new weapons, technological items (demolition charges, anyone?) and a half dozen new magic items. 
  • #268. Mini-Adventure: Head GamesHead Games begins as a halfling runs through the village square with a furious orc hot on her heels. Her pursuer claims she stole something from him but Lellian insists that he gave her a sapphire pendant as a gift. Regardless of how the adventurers deal with the matter however, this orc is only one problem that she's brought onto everyone's heads! As a budding enchantress Lellian has recklessly toyed with local's minds, using charm person to acquire treasures without getting her hands dirty. While the halfling has several legitimate friends in the community her wanton use of persuasive magic has drawn some dangerous monsters into the area—including a tribe of hobgoblins that don’t care how many people die before they get their vengeance! This mini-adventure by Charlie Brooks is best suited for PCs of 4th level. Illustrated by Savage Mojo and featuring cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • #267. Weapon Degradation. In most D&D games blades rarely break and bowstrings don't snap but this article changes all that! GMs that want more realism or players with a penchant for breaking things need look no further than this entry into EN5ider, its weapon conditions, and the broken weapon tables. If the goal is for more exciting sessions that's in the cards as well—adventurers willing to throw away their weapons on a critical hit can choose to intentionally break them for some very cool extra effects! By Erik Evjen; illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • #266. Herbalist's Knapsack. This article details nine unique plant extracts, clippings, and materials that GMs can include whenever the adventurers are out wandering in the wilderness to bring a little something special to their world! Some can be used as herbal remedies while others have the ability to replace material components of spells, potentially even changing or enhancing the resulting magic. By David Adams; illustrated by Jen Tracy.
  • #265. ZEITGEIST #6 - Revelations from the Mouth of a Mad Man: Part 2. In this module for the ZEITGEIST Adventure Path the party have to contend with the Obscurati, compete with other adventurers to allow for the Cantabrilla Railroad's construction to continue, deal with violent Cheshimox zealots, duel monsters for the respect of orc sea captains, track down and eradicate a deadly disease, hunt down dangerous insects worshiped by goblins, face off against a bevy of duplicants, and if you can believe it even more!
  • #264. Mini-Adventure: Tiger Eyes. This module is built to supplement an existing campaign, incorporating a catfolk hunter that mistakes one of the adventurers as her prey. Any party of four to five PCs between 5th and 7th level are in good stead to overcome Nebiri's many traps—and reap the rewards of helping her complete her quest, tracking and taking down the true target. By Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Claudio Pozas; maps by Mik Holmes.
  • #263. Intriguing Organizations: The Stone Path. The Stone Path are a group shrouded in secrecy. Its members and adherents travel across time through the use of petrification, finding creatures and magics that can ‘preserve’ them by turning their flesh to stone and employing adventurers to bring people back to the world of the living at a specific moment in the future. This manipulation of fate is not without its costs however, and those that have used the group's services one too many times begin to change...By Will Gawned; illustrated by Tamara Cvetkovic.
  • #262. Bullet Wounds and Battle Scars. Hit points are a one-dimensional resource and most damage types appear the same to players. This article introduces Vitality as a separate health-related resource with optional rules for how to make some damage types—like acid or damage from firearms—feel unique, threatening, and ultimately more engaging to make combats as satisfying as they can be! By David Adams; illustrated by Marcel Budde.
  • #261. Enchanted Trinkets: Relics of a Lost Age. These 8 new magic items might be as simple as common goods made of exotic materials, to slightly magical items, or devices of complex clockwork artifice beyond the boundaries of modern technology—what unites them is that each hints at fallen kingdoms of days past. This 6th entry in the Enchanted Trinkets series provides minor, flavorful rewards GMs won't regret handing out to the party! By David Adams; illustrated by Phil Stone.
  • #260. Villain Spotlight: Glamdrellyxxana the Gold. A gold dragon druid under the influence of an ancient curse, Glamdrellyxxana believes the only way to ensure that the world remains ‘good’ is to destroy all humanoid life. From her lair in a mountain lake she's amassed an army of plant creatures to sweep down across the world and cleanse it of the blight from meddling civilizations destined to bring ruin with their advancement, yet the dragon often feels melancholy about the need to destroy so many living things. Glamdrellyxxana is resigned to this course of action however, convinced by fell visions of an industrialized future—and distracted by mind-altering plants when the guilt becomes too much to bear. By Will Gawned; illustrated by Júlio Rocha.
  • #259. ZEITGEIST #6 (Part 1): Revelations from the Mouth of a Mad Man. It's the end of the month which means the latest installment in the ZEITGEIST adventure path! This week we're cracking into module #6 where the heroes deal with civil unrest in Beran, face off against king-bred tyrannosaurs and worse at the end of an obstacle course labyrinth, and prepare the proverbial stage for the appearance of the much wanted gnome Tinker.
  • #258. Enchanted Trinkets: Arcane Apparel. Today marks our 25th article about magic items and the 5th entry in Enchanted Trinkets: minor, flavorful rewards GMs won't regret handing out to the party! The fashion guru Adderley has rolled out her latest line of high-end apparel including the eminently useful discreet petticoat, ever-pristine unspoiled slippers, miraculously entertaining shoulder dragon brooch, and 17 other fun new items destined to bring delightful couture to any game. By Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Matthew Burger.
  • #257. Intriguing Organizations: Tribe of Nar'Adsch. After their nation was destroyed by a warlock a new society formed from the remains of a nameless kingdom: the Tribe of Nar'Adsch. These survivors and their kin gained an intense hatred for everything infernal, vowing to destroy all that is hellish with no mercy for deviltry of any ilk. They are relentless in their pursuit and have burned down whole villages just to eliminate a single warlock, eschewing the arcane and relying on brute force, skill, or the power of nature to complete their impossible goal. For those that have befriended them however the Tribe of Nar'Adsch can be excellent allies, their powerful druids able to share their spells and the occasional powerful magic item. 
  • #256. Reputation Rules: Organization Dice. Whether orders of mages, religious cults, or thieves' guilds any adventuring party is bound to interact with various groups throughout a campaign. Organization Dice give the PCs reputations (both good and bad) that the GM can use to keep easy track of their standing with various factions. In addition to the basic rules for Organization Dice (which can be used to create tables for any organization!) this article covers thieves' guilds—the next time a member of the party runs afoul of a settlement's gang or finds themselves in the good graces of the local criminal underworld pop open this article to see what happens! By Trevor Wiley; illustrated by Renan Costa Moraes.
  • #255. Villain Spotlight: Granny Buccus. Sweet, maternal, a dab hand in the kitchen, Granny Buccus is the heart of the town of Cridhe Briste. As the town’s baker she provides the people with bread, cakes, and pastries—on special occasions she even makes her famous and beloved Boiled Tarts. The adoring townsfolk don’t even know that they’re under the spell of a succubus, ready and willing to do whatever 'Granny' asks of them! By Anna Blackwell; illustrated by Alba Palacio.
  • #254. Paradigm Prestige Class. What makes a dwarven legend heroically dwarven? What about elven myths make them exemplary? The truest champions of these races are paradigms: adventurers that embody the qualities that make their kin unique from others. By zealously embracing their heritage they become paragons that are cherished, lauded, and long-remembered by the communities that spawned them. By Mike Myler; illustrated by Carl Holden.
  • #253. ZEITGEIST Adventure Path Player's Guide: Part 6 (Prestige Classes). The last installment of the ZEITGEIST Player's Guide for 5th Edition includes simple 3 level prestige classes for playing a planar-fiddling Applied Astronomist, idea manipulating Logos, gun-loving Mad Shootist, ruthless Monument of War, Notorious Celebrity (posse included), scientific Polyhistor, Steamsuit Pilot, a master of cities as an Urban Empath, or a mystical Vekeshi Excoriant.
  • #252. Marks of Renown. Today's article addresses an oft-overlooked aspect of the typical campaign: how an adventuring group's reputation can have a nuanced impact on them and the world at large. The Marks of Renown optional rules introduce several different kinds of marks—Evil, Honor, Ingenuity, Magic, Nature, Power, Righteousness, and Skullduggery—that every member of the party can use, each with their own benefits and drawbacks to make for an intriguing new element ripe for inclusion at any game table! By Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Indi Martin. 
  • #251. Intriguing Organizations: Esoteres. Seekers of reality's fundamental truths that are unrelenting in their pursuits, these secretive geniuses craft devices of sublime perfection and trade them for—or take—whatever it is they require to continue their dangerous experiments of discovery! By Quinn Callahan. Art by Phil Stone and Claudio Pozas. 

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