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is creating original and innovative music made for every human being!
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Handwritten Letter, Stickers & a Pin!
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You'll get a handwritten letter in the mail from Enso, thanking you in flowery language for your invaluable contribution to keeping us starry-eyed dreamers in business! Additionally, you'll receive several Enso Anima stickers and a snazzy Enso Anima pin!

Access to Unlisted Youtube Videos!
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Our unlisted Youtube videos be yours to peruse! Every time we drop a new hidden video, you'll get a link to it in your email and you'll get to check out all our content exclusively for Patreon subscribers! This will include 3 types of videos:

1) Tutorials on various things related to being in a band, such as how to book shows, how to do basic amp maintenance, how to keep your cool on tour etc.

2) Exclusive band adventure videos! We like to take a lot of trips exploring as a group and as individuals, and you'll get to see the nitty gritty of these expeditions!

3) The resulting videos from our $35 membership tier level, those golden folks who have paid the big bucks to get a song written about them and a goofy video to go along with it!

You'll also get a signed copy of our debut full-length album Instability on CD, as well as several stickers and a snazzy pin!

Mini-Merch Package!
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Includes your very own signed CD copy of our full-length debut record, Instability, an individually hand-decorated unique TRIPPL-SANGL CD, an album art print from Instability of your choosing, a handful of stickers and a snazzy pin!

Also includes access to our Unlisted Youtube Videos! See $5 tier for what that entails!




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About Enso Anima

We are Enso Anima, and you are not alone.

Enso Anima is a band of four people (Nick, Shane, Dan and Whitney) committed to making passionate, innovative, challenging and emotional music to inspire, energize and touch the hearts of people from all walks of life. We struck out from New York barely 3 years ago and moved across the country to realize that dream, and have since made hundreds of fans, played two festivals and dozens of other shows, completed two tours, and released a full-length album and a handful of singles with two self-produced music videos. But we won't stop there. Our mission is to reach as many people as possible with incredible music that speaks to everyone, and we're just getting started!

We have so much more planned for the future - albums, tours, videos - and we can't do it without your help. If you are reading this, you are the reason we do what we do, and we're asking for you to contribute what you can to help us continue making the music you love and bringing it to every corner of the world. We've prepared lots of fun incentives for those who want to contribute, so come on in and take a look!
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When we reach 100 Patreon subscribers, we'll be able to afford a full set of in-ear monitors for the entire band, as well as individually chosen microphones and solid mic stands that won't break down on us!

One of the most common pieces of feedback we've gotten from fans is that they love our harmonies and group vocals - and we're listening! We've been including more and more of them in our songs, and want to make them all carry across live the way they do on our records. Unfortunately, there are several obstacles in our way, such as most mic stands breaking down in 4 to 6 months of consistent use, quality of stage monitors and live sound management making it difficult to impossible to hear ourselves, and cheap mics giving shoddy signal.

An overhaul of our vocal setup will not only allow us to bring you the seamless, powerful and lush vocals you've come to love from our records at every show, but will also allow us to direct input our bass tracks from our recordings through a bass amp in a live setting! That means you'll finally get to hear Enso Anima as a complete 5 piece with our full sound at our live performances!
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