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About Entertain The Elk

Entertain the Elk
is a Video Essay channel exploring art and entertainment in all its forms by making engaging, unique content that you can't find anywhere else.

Who Are You?
My name is Adam Tinius. I was born and raised in Dallas, and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin before moving to Los Angeles. In my pursuit of a career in screenwriting, I stumbled upon the world of video essays and the ways they can effectively entertain and educate audiences all over the world in an endless amount of topics and subjects. Making video essays has been the perfect opportunity to combine my passion for writing, literature, music, film, comic books, and all things pop culture.

What Are Your Videos About?
My channel examines a wide-variety of subjects in the field of art and entertainment, including film, television, music, literature, and poetry, with many more topics I have yet to explore! I aim to educate my audience with unique examinations on topics and subjects that they won't find anywhere else. That can include the methods of famous directors like Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg, or how historical context helped shape William Shakespeare's writing technique.

How Often Do You Post?
Entertain the Elk is written, edited, and produced 100% by me. Since each video requires hours of thorough research and editing, I try to post a new video twice a month. But because I also have to juggle a full-time job for financial stability, my channel (unfortunately) must take a lower priority.

What's Your Goal with Patreon?
Through the love and support from loyal Patrons, my goal is to eventually make Entertain the Elk my full-time job. With every dollar I receive, I will be able to spend less time at mind-numbing office jobs and can dedicate more time to this channel. Contributions will be on a per video basis, so I won't get paid unless I work hard for it. Also, I hope to build and foster a strong community with my Patrons, bringing like-minded nerds together who can have fruitful discussions about all things art and entertainment. But I can only do this with your help.
In summation: More Money = More Time = More Videos!

$127.16 of $350 per Video
When I reach $350 per video, as a thank you, I'll post my most requested video--
"The Day The Fairly OddParents Died"

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