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Bullet ants are badass, and they are legion. They pack the most painful bite in the jungle. Boys of 12 in the Sateré-Mawé tribe must dance wearing ant-filled gloves as part of their coming of age ritual, to become a man and a warrior.

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You will get access to 3 e-books, one each month for 3 months.

[+] Guide to Navigating Visionary States with Sacred Plant Medicines

[+] 8 Signs You Are Aligned With Your Visionary Purpose

[+] The Modern Shamanic Guide to Taking Rapé - the Sacred Amazonian Snuff You Blow Up Your Nose 


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Access to all of the previous rewards + access to our membership site, Medicine Tribe. It is my hope to grow Medicine Tribe into a thriving online integration community where members can support each other in integrating visionary experiences.

Medicine Tribe includes:

  • A growing collection of international medicine song circle music and music you can trip to, curated by Lorna.
  • A digital download of Transformando Tradição, an album Lorna produced featuring Huni Kui shaman Ninawa Pai da Mata and members of Templo Mãe d’Agua’s ayahuasca music collective Mantric Mambo. 
  • Growing library of interviews with leading experts in shamanism & psychedelics
  • In-depth plant medicine guides

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About EntheoNation

EntheoNation is a web show featuring visionaries pioneering the cutting-edge of awakening through psychedelic science, modern shamanism, & new paradigm lifestyles.

  • Our mission is to connect people to the power of visionary states for knowledge, creativity, healing, self-mastery, and awakening, so that we can experience the love, joy, and abundance that is our birth right and ignite the global spiritual awakening needed to heal our planet.

  • Our vision is an environmentally sustainable, socially-just, spiritually-fulfilling, and evolved human presence on this planet, one that integrates ancient wisdom, with modern times.

We have 4 primary goals at EntheoNation:
  1. To educate the public about psychedelic medicines, their potential benefits to treat a broad range of diseases, and the need for a re-evaluation of their legal status, including the protection of some plant medicines as a religious and cultural heritage. 
  2. To educate the public about the indigenous cultures that have been the custodians of sacred plant medicines, to share their concerns, struggles, beauty, and wisdom. 
  3. To build a global community of people who value visionary medicines and indigenous wisdom as a means to heal, grow, and evolve into a more environmentally sustainable, socially just, spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet. 
  4. To promote cognitive liberty as a fundamental human right

How Psychedelic Drug Prohibition is Destroying Lives
Drug scheduling around the world is not based on science, it's based predominantly on moral arguments and ominously, on powerful industry interests that make a tremendous amount of money keeping people on pharmaceutical drugs.

Many visionary plant medicines are incorrectly classified as being extremely dangerous, with no known medical benefits, and carry maximum drug penalties. Some of these medicines, like cannabis, have been used for thousands of years and are effective in treating diseases like cancer. Psilocybin mushrooms has been found to be extremely effective in curing depression.

EntheoNation is committed to furthering public education of the responsible and therapeutic use of visionary medicines, telling the stories of scientific researchers who have found these medicines to be effective and the indigenous peoples who hold these medicines to be sacred.

The EntheoNation Budget

As of February 2018, it costs overt $4000 / month to run EntheoNation.

At present, most of this is self-funded through proceeds from Lorna’s digital marketing business. Our efforts have been focused on creating quality content, audience development and online community building. With your support, the growth of EntheoNation will be a community driven project. We believe that the more people are aware of the responsible use of psychedelics, the value of indigenous medicines, and the beauty and wisdom of the cultures that hold these medicines sacred, we can begin to advance our understanding of healing - ourselves and the Earth.

  • Social media promotion: $1000 per month 
  • Web production & administration: $1600 per month 
  • Audio & video: $500 
  • Fee for writers & translation: $300 per month 
  • Hosting fees: $57 per month 
  • Other software to keep things running: $700 per month

These costs do NOT include the hundreds of hours we have spent building this project, plus the cost of travel to the Amazon to conduct interviews with indigenous leaders so that their voices may also be included in the global conversation about ayahuasca. That trip cost $8000 - and included a photographer / videographer, translator & Lorna. With your financial support, we will be able to provide valuable, educational content and continue to help build the movement towards legitimizing visionary medicines, respecting the cultures that hold them sacred, and protecting the Earth that gives them life.

What Goes Into Create Our Mind-Expanding Content
We are committed to bringing you well-researched, high quality content about psychedelic science, modern shamanism, and visionary lifestyles. In order to do so, we have paid writers, researchers, video and audio producers, and most importantly, social media professionals whose jobs are to spread our life-changing and life-saving information far and wide. 

Our content has hard costs. These are the out-of-pocket costs incurred by the host, Lorna Liana, which do not include her time.

In-Depth Articles: $50 - $150 per article
In addition to shorter blog posts, we want to create in-depth articles about different plant medicines, that incorporate not only the scientific research, but the cultural history, contemporary practice, and political and legal challenges to medical use and decriminalization. Articles that blend science, culture, history, and policy invariably take a lot more time to research and write.

Podcasts: $100 per Episode
These are interviews with experts. Here's a breakdown of all that goes into publishing our iTunes podcast:
  • Audio editing
  • Graphic design
  • Transcription
  • Video production
  • Web production
  • Social media promotion

Video Shorts: $250 per Video
These are short 2-3 minute educational video designed to communicate an important message, while being inspiring and creative enough to be socially shared.
  • Research
  • Story line development
  • Scripting
  • Image and video research
  • Video editing
  • Social media promotion
The team at EntheoNation is profoundly grateful for the support our amazing visionary community to help us keep our content flowing.

Software Costs
Running a complex platform like this requires a lot of software. Sadly there is no one software product that does everything we need. Here are the main platforms we are currently using.

Active Campaign - $500 / month
Teachable - $97 / month
Clickfunnels - $97 / month

The Yawanawá Songbook - $1000

One of the projects we have in our docket is the creation of a digital songbook of Yawanawá songs. Since my stay with the Yawanawá tribe in 2011 during their festival, I’ve been so moved by the evolution of their music, from traditional chants to soul-stirring songs accompanied by guitar.

The Yawanawá songbook will be a downloadable PDF and multimedia experience. It will involve collaborative effort between individuals in the tribe, Brazilian friends who have visited the tribe, taken groups to the village and accompanied the Yawanawá in their journeys to other parts of the world. Here’s what’s involved with putting this songbook together:

  • First we need to verify that the words are written correctly, and we need the help of a member of the tribe to do this. There are many informally transcribed songs, with people’s best phonetization of the words done by Brazilians and other Westerners, written out from people listening to ceremony recordings, but this is not the same as having the language written correctly.
  • We also want to include information about the tribe, as well as their own introduction to this work. This requires the assistance of a translator who can simultaneously translate their Portuguese into English.
  • We want to record on video Yawanawa musicians singing the song, so that we can include audio with the song lyrics, rather than include a clip cut out of an ayahuasca ceremony, with people vomiting in the background.
  • We’ll include professional photos of the tribe.
  • We want to enlist the help of a professional musician to indicate the correct guitar chords.
  • There’s also the graphic design of the book, and putting together the web pages that will host the video as well as the lyrics, should people want to click through to the recording.
This digital songbook is a labor of love and will be offered to the world for free, for anyone who wants to learn and sing these powerful healing songs from the forest. In order to bring this work to fruition, we are calling upon the support of our tribe to make this project a reality, so we can share the culture and music of the Yawanawá people around the world.
$0 of $200 per month
If EntheoNation reaches it's goal of $200 / month, we will invest in hosting more experts on the podcast and publishing podcast episodes more frequently. We had a great Season 1 of the podcast, and hope to launch an even more amazing Season 2.
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