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About Entropi

As a huge fan of Attack on Titan and someone who loves discussing the series on Discord, I was always looking for ways to make this awesome community experience even better. It started out with a few ideas being thrown out here and there, playing around with some common Discord bots, talking about AoT games. Eventually I thought... why don't I try making an Attack on Titan game right here on Discord?

So here I am. At of this writing, I've published 4 games, and constantly updating each of them with new content.

1. The first is called Choose Your Adventure, based on the official AoT RPG-style adventure book where you get to participate in the Battle of Trost, and influence the outcome of the battle depending on your choices. (Book 2, The Hunt for the Female Titan, is coming soon!)

2. The 2nd is an Attack on Titan style personality test, where you can find out which AoT character you are most similar to.

3. The 3rd, Warriors vs Soldiers, is based along the lines of the Mafia/Werewolf/Town of Salem games. Great for playing with your friends!

4. The last one is an AoT trivia game where you have to guess the correct wiki page based on clues given by the bot. Currently has 4 unique game modes!

Feel free to make suggestions to me for my current games, or even ideas for new ones. This is a great time to be an Attack on Titan fan. Let's all do our part as a fandom to make it awesome!

Join the Attack on Titan Wiki server to try out my games!
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Yeah I kinda need money to buy Book 2 of Choose Your Adventure...do help out a poor soul
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