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The Basics

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For your 1 Buck you get always the latest news,  including NSFW pictures. NSFW is not allowed for public on Patreon.  

You can immediately download: 

  • Complete VR-Amazons rel. Alpha 06 from 2017, includes a experimental 100m Giantess level (Abandoned)
  • SciFi Level rel. Alpha 09 from 02. 2018 (development Canceled, Girls will be portet to Femtropia)
  • Modern Level rel.  F01 Basic from 11. 2018 
  •  VR-Amazons Medieval   Level F01  

(Charge is calendar monthly based, see site description)

Iron Weights

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reward item
per month

All above plus:
  • You can immediately download VR- Amazons Medieval  F02 from 06. 2019 level. (Further development of this level is set on hold)
  • On top you get a compilation VR 180° stereoscopic VR Video of real muscle models per month by Zoltan.
(Charge is calendar monthly based, see site description)

Silver Weights

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reward item
per month

All above plus:
  • You support me developing VR-Amazons Femtropia
    Cyberpunk world created with newest Unity render engine HDRP
    and will be the first to get access to it. (Alpha released already)
    You will find the the best muscle girls from all other levels in there, although maybe in different roles. As nice girl, as bad girl, as romantic girl.
  • On top you get a video animation to fill some time between the VR game releases ;-)
  • Additional a 30% discount coupon code on all new and older VR videos sold by Zoltan. This coupon is always valid for the current month. There will be approx. 5 new VR vids per month in the shop. See: https://zoltanveghvideos.com/vrvideos/
(Charge is calendar monthly based, see site description)



About Entropia 3D

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Muscled Women and Giantesses 3D VR Experience

If you are not in VR game play, maybe you want to take a look here, a Cinematic Video spin-off of VR-Amazons.
Fem-Power Amazons Cinematic
VR-Amazons patrons can get the same videos for a discount here. Just choose the Platin or Diamond tier.

Key Features VR-Amazons
  • Up to 35 Muscles bulging and flexing. (e.g. Bulging quads while walking, biceps flexing)
  • Take off cloth of most of the Amazons (lot of NSFW stuff)
  • Ripped veiny body skins
  • Touch- and grabable Amazons  (Currently in SciFi level)
  • Change viewing height, examine Amazons from head to toe stepless
  • Size changeable Avatar, lets Amazons look like Giantesses in VR (cur. in Medieval, Modern, SciFi level and Femtropia)
  • Realistic believable eye behavior based on scientific findings (real person feeling)
  • Big Bouncing Tits 
  • Breathing  (real person feeling)
  • 6 camera angles from player (look through her legs, or compare yourself from 3rd person view)
  • Body Switching (see the scene through the eyes of an Amazon or her victim)
  • Face expressions
  • Lipsync talking (commissioned voice over female artists)
  • Interaction between NPCs and Player
  • 5 Areas / Zones | Medieval - Modern - Scifi - Giantesses - Femtropia Cyberpunk World
  • In cooperation with "Tigersan" (Best shredded 3D muscle models in town)

Always find the latest releases here:

Required Hardware for VR-Amazons VR game play:

  • PC with Windows and fast Graphics Card (min. Nvidia GTX 1060, better GTX 1070+)
  • Oculus Rift,  Oculus Quest WITH Link Cable, HTC Vive or Pimax (Testet).
    Valve Index just on newer game releases.
  • It should run on SteamVR compatible devices, but can't test, this is currently on your own risk.
VR - Headset recommendation 2019 by me- long version

Strongly Recommended: XBox 360 compatible Controller 

It does not run on a Smartphone, with or without VR extension.
This includes Oculus Go and Oculus Quest standalone (But runs on Oculus Quest WITH Link Cable), which run on Android, and are way to slow. Maybe I make a trimmed downgraded scene for the Oculus Quest someday, if I have some spare time,  but not sure yet.

VR videos and images can be displayed on any current VR device, incl. Smartphones.



180° Stereoscopic REAL Fitness Girl VR Vids by Zoltan Vegh

Free 20 min. bikini fitness girl VR-Vid here:

Zoltan is one of the best artistic Fitness and Muscle Girl Photo- and Videographer, and the first (and currently only) who shoots muscle models in VR.

For those of you who've never seen a VR video, well, it's like being there in real, standing right in front of the model ... and then she smiles at you ... no guarantee what happens then ;-)

Download a VR muscle models video sample to test your VR equipment here: 
VR Clip Sample
Zoltans VR Video page with instructions and buyable VR Vids (Use your coupon codes, depending on your pledge level, there):

You also might like to read this post about the backgrounds of the cooperation with Zoltan:


I'm charging up front (Too much fraud in the past)! Patreon is charging on calendar month basis (something I can't influence), so it might be a good idea at the end of the month to wait for subscription until beginning of next month. On the other side, every $ counts, I'm putting all my power in these Patreon projects and they are still underfinanced, so if you aren't on  budget ... :-)

In Cooperation with Tigersan


Latest Free Core Version NON VR. Alpha 02

Game Instructions and Read-Me PDF Download (can be out of date)
65 of 70 patrons
This is about the monthly cost covering amount without work time. I can buy more and better props and other items. I can assign a very small amount of voice actresses. And I'm dreaming of a motion capture system to give the girls a much more realistic movement and behavior.
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