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Why do you want this? Why do you want to get just "thank you"?! You're strange, man. Okay, thank you.
  • Access to the Patron feed, where I'll share different stuff.
  • Get a peek of upcoming images and drafts.
  • Voting rights in polls that will shape the development of the game.
  • Beta-version.
  • Monthly wallpapers + NSFW VARIANT.
  • Thank you!

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Thank you very much!
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What? Do you notice that you won't get anything except my love and humble thanks? 5+ guy is strange, but you're really surprised me. Thank you very much.
  • Access to the Patron feed, where I'll share different stuff.
  • Get a peek of upcoming images and drafts.
  • Voting rights in polls that will shape the development of the game.
  • Beta-version.
  • Monthly wallpapers + 4-5 DIFFERENT NSFW VARIANTS.
  • Thank you very much! You've got my undying love.
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Hi, I'm Enyo and I'm the developer of False Hero.
I'm glad to see you on my patreon page. English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

If you're interested in what I'm working on right now, you can read this post.
For the latest updates, check my 
discord channel.

So you're here, that means you're at least slightly interested in my game. Let me tell you about the project I'm working on and why it is so special:

- High quality renders.

This is what I call decent renders. And no, this is not my limit.

-Constant and never-ending improvement.
I'm constantly improving the quality of renders, experimenting and adding something new. In one year I improved from this - 

To this - 

And I guarantee you the same perfectionistic approach to every image I make. I'm obsessed with what I'm doing and I can work 24/7 until I get the result that I like.

- Attention to details.

-The characters' personality.
Each character in the game has its own in-depth and unique personality. If you are fed up with shallow characters and want something more, you've come to the right place.

-Diversity! A wide variety of fetishes.
The game will have one of the best "love-romantic routes" you've ever played. Hold on, so you don't like "love routes"? You can corrupt the girls too! Here is only a small peek at the planned sexual content:
-public humiliation
-group sex
-multiple penetration

WHY should I pledge?
You don't have to. The game is free, man.
But if you're interested in the project and want it to be great, you can support me by becoming a patron.
If you're thinking right now: "Oh, let's see how this guy develops his game first. If he does well, I'll consider pledging." But you'll be missing the perfect timing to support the project. Because it is at an early stage of development, your support now will have the greatest influence in shaping the game. I'm a small developer, I don't have a team or enough resources to further improve the game without your help.
It's totally okay if you can't support me with your money though, because the best thing that you can do to show your appreciation is to share your opinion, message me on discord, put my signature on game forums, tell a friend, anything you can think of to spread the word about the project. If you wish to see the continuation and improvement of the game, then you can take an active part by helping promote the game. And that would also be appreciated! It's just another way of contributing and helping the game fulfill its potential!
I have a lot of ambitious ideas and I'm not going to stop no matter what, but your support will help me to achieve results 10 times faster!
You see, I'm one of the most promising 3d developers with the best story, with the best-looking characters, who constantly improves his work (And I prove it with each update I make). I'm just a little short on resources.
Imagine what would happen if we will gather more talented people around us.
All you see in the game right now is only 30 percent of how I planned it to be. There's a whole lot of things I can do. And it's a long way to go.
Anyway, thank you for taking your time to read this.

With bigger support, I promise to deliver:
  • Animation
  • More pictures
  • Full HD
  • Voice-overs, sound effects
  • Faster updates (I'll be hiring a proofreader, and programmer)

One important thought:
I'd like to emphasize that this game will remain free to everyone during and after development. If you DO choose to support me, you will receive the earliest alpha version of the game a week before public release. This allows me to find crucial bugs and mistakes that may be in the game. Non-patrons gain access to the same content a week after patrons. So the game will always be free and alpha version only for those who don't mind testing the game for me. 

  DISCLAIMER: The games don't include explicit depictions (spoken,    visual or written) or  incest content, bestiality or any other content   forbidden by Patreon TOS. 

$1,274 of $2,000 per month

"I guess I had to go to that place to get to this one."

I’m currently renting an apartment with my friends and it's the worst work atmosphere you can have. :)
When I reach this goal, I’d be able to freely rent a humble apartment. And I'd still have enough money to translate and improve the game!
This goal may sound really funny and not serious, but it's important. Any serious project/company has an office where they can focus and have a workflow for a reason. It is very crucial to have a place where you can do your job quietly, without any distractions.
So, the place is ready. It's time to build a team.
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