Organ Donor

$1 /mo
  • Early access to Cheer Up, Emo Kid comic updates.
  • Access to bonus artwork and miscellaneous content.
  • Access to the chatroom on my community Discord server.
  • Your name in the thank-you credits.

Benevolent Racketeer

$4 /mo
  • Early access to tutorial videos and articles.
  • Access to behind-the-scenes content such as sketches, notes, and rejected comics.
  • ...

Cutthroat Investor

$10 /mo
  • Your name and a link to your website displayed even more prominently in the thank-you credits.
  • All previous rewards.

Billionaire Philanthrophist

$100 /mo
  • I'll draw  an animated portrait of you for the thank-you credits. Your character may occasionally appear in the comic.
  • I'll send you free stuff e...