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About PBS Eons

Eons is an educational YouTube channel that takes you on a journey through the history of life on Earth. From the dawn of life in the Archaean Eon through the Mesozoic Era—the so-called “Age of Dinosaurs”—right up to the end of the most recent Ice Age. The story of life on Earth is fascinating, and we tell it with accuracy, wit, and beautiful paleoart. Some favorite videos are How the Turtle Got Its Shell, When Whales Walked, How Did Dinosaurs Get So Huge?, and The Extinction That Never Happened.

We are devoted to making sure our content is of the highest possible quality, and that takes a lot of time and resources. Writers, editors, designers, artists, and production staff are all essential to the process. In order to ensure that this is not only sustainable, but also able to continue growing, we're asking for your support.

We're committed to making our content free, so anyone who wants to learn has that ability, but these videos are costly. By supporting us on Patreon, you are helping make sure this free content can exist for anyone to enjoy and learn from. Any amount you can contribute goes a long way.

Thank you so much for being here! Your support means so much to us.
$5,000 - reached! per month
With $5000/month, we'll be able to take the show out of the studio and into the field! We'll cover digs, explore fossil sites, and meet paleontologists who are studying the story of life in deep time. This will be an amazing opportunity to show you paleontology in action. Content like this requires a lot of resources, but we're so excited to work toward it because it will be such a valuable way to share the wonders of paleontology with you.
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