EOS 10 is creating Podcasts

$1 /creation
Citizen of the Alliance. You get access to our Patron-only feed where we'll post photos, videos and other behind the scenes content before anyone else gets to see it.

$3 /creation
Alliance Officer. In addition to the $1 reward, you'll have access to Patron-only mission logs. AND, we're going to invite you to private, online Q&A's with EOS 10's creator (a...

$5 /creation
EOS 10 Inhabitant. Awesome. You're gonna get access to PDF copies of the script for each episode! (Before they're released, if you're all spoiler-y like that.). Also — all the previous rewards.

$10 /creation
EOS 10 Crewmember. Thanks! For you — early access! Find out what happens before anyone else. In addition to the previous rewards, you'll get access to each episode a day before its official release.

$25 /creation
Infirmary Staff. You are pretty amazing. You're getting all the previous rewards, plus a signed copy of an original EOS 10 script (episode of your choosing, from the first or secon...

$50 /creation
Admirality. Uh... wow. THANK YOU. You're really amazing. In addition to all the previous rewards, you get a special, limited edition t-shirt plus a special, patron-only EOS 10 post...