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The deal: I make words happen. You give me money, so I can survive and make more words happen. I put the words here.

Sometimes there are interesting, esoteric words you only see when you give me money. (Sometimes the esoteric words are unfinished, or research!)
Sometimes the words are also calligraphy. Perhaps someday the words will be calligraphy in your human hands, as well.

Where you know me from:  Twitter, probably. I also do calligraphy.

Where else to find me: Twitter, probably. There is art stuff at Ko-Fi, but here's where the discourse and the day-to-day updates live.

What we're doing this time around: narratives, schizoanalysis, and schizoanalytic narratives.

Also, words. 

Some of the things I make words for:
  • Volition, a queer space opera about international politics on a background of sedate existential cosmic horror
  • interpolaciones, which concerns the beings and goings of the one and only Anagke Interpolated Library
  • Memoir and autoethnography about alienation, immigration, power and violence, outside context problems, transness, and disability in space
  • Explain the Water (aka 'the alfalfa'), an essay series on worldbuilding, consensus reality, and subjectivity in genre fiction and beyond
  • The Verbs Thread, originally a thread about verbs, now a long-term interrogation of language, space, and causality
  • A constellation of research topics that don't have defined collections yet: more on narrative theory and design, consent from the bedroom to the gaming table, ethnography of contemporary fandom...

Also, I stan for Thrasymachus, hate Plato, spent my early adolescence in a fanfiction critique community based in politics and murder, am currently trying to work out the meaning of horror, want to tell you about my unifying theory of monsters, theory of mind, and monster theory of mind... and more.

You want to know more, right?

10 out of 10 of my shiny silver fingers recommend you stick around, tell your friends, and maybe finance my ability to tell you more.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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