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I make Epic Fail, a comic of funny fantasy misadventure based on Dungeons & Dragons that I post to the internet.
It’s main character, Amuletts, worships the God of Chaos, Loki, and has a crush on the lawful Paladin. Meanwhile the Magic-User has adopted a half-demon raised as a pacifist. Just how do you avoid violence when your Leader's a gung-ho Dwarf and your Fighter's a magnet for monsters? Hijinks ensue.

A Quick Explanation of Patreon:

Patreon is a brilliant concept for supporting creators. Please consider supporting me in this way and pledging a dollar (or however much you like) per comic. You would be supporting the creation process very directly and I will continue to pour my heart and soul into every page. At the moment I am releasing a comic once a month and hoping to increase my output. If you are worried about going over your budget then there is an easy way to set a monthly maximum when you enter your payment details

Can't support now?
You can still keep up-to-date by becoming a follower. You will get all my public posts. Usually this means a monthly update and cute guinea pig photos.

Where your money goes:

I go to an art group once per week and currently patreon pays for my bus tickets to get there and back. It's a peer support group and really helps my art and my mental health. The more I can raise through patreon the more time I can dedicate to comics and art.
I’m a one-woman-band doing everything on the comic myself: Writing, Pencilling, Inking, colouring, special effects, and lettering. It's quite time-consuming and it can be particularly difficult to do things involving bright light, such as staring at a computer screen for a long time. Hyro Rizen has offered to be my colorist when I need help with that, but I'd like to pay him properly. In the future I'd like to release comic pages on a more regular basis.

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* I create YouTube videos where I play through video games. Amy Letts Plays Video Games aka 'Letts Plays'. Example Below. 

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