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is creating roleplaying game materials for digital tabletops.
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You will receive patreon exclusive material to use with the epic isometric core set and expansion packs. 

You can expect unique monsters, bosses and heros in .png formats for use in digital tabletops. This also acts as early access to large asset pack releases.

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Access to behind the scenes posts. Early concept with your input and feedback along the way.




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About Epic Isometric

I love creating my own game material. I think with the help of like minded people I will be able to take the time to craft a massive amount of characters and monsters for people to play with.

Digital asset material will be .png format with transparent backgrounds perfect for digital tabletop software such as roll20 or fantasygrounds. You can expect characters/monsters and exclusive maps. These packs act as early access to future big releases, so you're getting things as they are drawn rather than waiting 6 months between large pack updates on the store, also you can influence what is in the packs with suggestions.
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Collossal boss monster.
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