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About Jack Martison

Hi there!
My name is Jack, I'm creating a new experience in sound design - Sound Mod, called "Epic Thunder".

Discord link for supporters! ($10)


The "Epic Thunder" project is intended to bring players to an entirely new level of immersion.

What's different with Epic Thunder IV?

(New sound engine edit:)
*Ground Forces*
- Utilizes all gun schemes as it was in Epic Thunder v3 (and even better) 
- Vanilla sound will be completely removed and replaced with ETSMIV standards
- New main gun audio for all Tanks/SFX/Reloads etc.
- Full battlefield immersion, like you never heard before.

*Aircraft Forces*
- New audio for MG's, Cannons, and more
- Every propeller and jet engine is made from scratch
- Every engine has its own, unique sounds.
- Sounds depend on the distance/thrust/angle of attack from you so you can tell where an aircraft is at any time
- Created with only high-quality sound libraries, no flying lawnmowers allowed.


Youtube Page:
Discord Server:
Official Site:

Who are you?

I'm lone enthusiast who loves quality sound design in games and making mods in my spare time. I greatly enjoy like War Thunder, but I'm not happy with the generally lackluster vanilla audio Gaijin has decided to use.

Why should I support this project?

(ETSMIV edit)
The "Epic Thunder" project is the result of passionate development made possible by the steadfast support of its fans. If it weren't for you guys, "Epic Thunder" wouldn't be anywhere near where it is today.
I would like to express my sincerest thanks for all your support.
With new introduction of sound engine i have to recreate everything from scratch and Epic Thunder IV is no different, it's still my best passionate project, but quipment and sound banks costs money, by subscrbing to this this project you not only helping me, but securing future of this project. 

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