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About Epilogue Magazine

We reside at the end of one era and the beginning of another.

The ways in which we live our lives, interact with one other, order our economies, and relate to the natural world are all fundamentally changing. The change may be for the better or for the worse.

The pace of these profound changes require we attempt three things simultaneously:
  1. Contend honestly with the scale of change we face;
  2. Envision what comes next with an aim towards something better;
  3. Forge a sense of collective meaning as our sense of place and purpose adjust to the unfolding reality around us.
Epilogue attempts to contribute helpful words, essays, and explorations towards these projects.During each publication period, we will publish one long-form essay that will grapple deeply and honestly with some aspect of this existential transition we’re living through. Three of our regular contributors will each pen a response—rebuttal or reflection—to the featured piece.

In between featured pieces, we’ll publish poetry, fiction, images, and other works that explore this transition period.

Understanding, guiding, and enduring this transition is a mutual project. Solidarity must be at the heart of it. Please write to us to help build this conversation.

The magazine will remain a profit-free and ad-free enterprise and welcomes support from our readers. All contributions go directly to our writers! 

—The Editors

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