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Welcome! It’s Misha. I share films that give profound epiphanies. 

Why support Epiphany?

The short answer is because we share profound ideas in philosophy, science and spirituality that give you epiphanies. That's a really bold goal and I'm doing my best to honor it. 

The long answer is a bit more personal...

A few years ago I had a job I enjoyed and a girl I loved. Life was pretty good. 

Then I injured my leg and lost my ability to walk. I needed my legs at work, and without them I lost my job. Then my savings. And then my girlfriend. Ah! Where did my life go? I had to move back in with my Dad. At 36!

I blinked and opened my eyes to a tragic world where I was broken. In many ways. I felt so lost.

One thing I had was a lot of time. I read a lot philosophy, science and spirituality... I feel so grateful for the questions and perspectives they gave me! They helped me out of the dark forest of my life. But I I want to pass on that inspiration by sharing what I've learned. 

I talked to my brother Alex who is an illustrator and he agreed to help. I presented the story on film and he illustrated it. We made our first film. And Epiphany was born.

We give our films away for free. Which doesn’t sound like a great business plan. But we hope that if you enjoy our stories, you will support us here on Patreon.

We just started this journey and aren’t sure what the future will bring. But like any great undertaking, we won’t succeed alone.

We hope you join us.

How does Patreon work?

If you like our films, Patreon is a way that you can pay us for each one we make. Patreon is a paid subscription to our films that you can cancel at any time. You can decide for yourself how much you want to pay for the subscription. For example, say you decide to pay us 1 dollars a film. So then every time we make a new film for you, you're credit card will be charged 1 dollar. And by the way, we only make around 1 film a month. 

Your subscription allows us to produce amazing films sustainably. It's about frequency and quality. The more support we get, the more we can focus on making films.

So if you like our films, please support us. We appreciate it deeply.

Regardless of our financial situation, we will continue sharing as many films as we can. And our films will always be free!
$63 of $100 per creation
Some people like my films enough to support me financially. That's both validating and motivating! MUST make more films!

When we reach $100 per video, I can buy new editing software that lets us take out ambient background noises from my videos and improves the texture of our narration. This will improve the soundscape of our stories. Ah! The dream of better audio...
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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