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About Epi Wildes

Hello, and welcome to my Patreon! I first and foremost would like to thank you for your interest in my work. The fact that you're even reading this means a lot. So thank you!
I am Epi Wildes, a debut author who writes primarily in the niche genre of animal fantasy. Think Redwall, Watership Down and Charlotte's Web. You get the picture.

My stories, though written to be palatable for Mid-Grade and Young Adult readers, are written with the hope that they will be enjoyed by children and adults alike with a focus on ethics, heroism, family, relationships, and coming of age. I would like to hope a parent might read Storm Wielders with their child and find it as a platform to delve into meaningful conversations regarding worldly issues. I hope that my adult readers will have the same meaningful takeaways as my young readers as well.
So, why animals? You might be asking yourself this. I, too, have often pondered this, and the answer is both simple and complex. The simple reason: I love animals. If I had not fallen in love with writing, I have not a doubt that I would have gone to college to become a veterinarian. Even now I am back in school, becoming certified as a License Veterinary Technician. The second (and arguably the more literary) reason I write using animal characters as opposed to human, is that I find the tool of anthropomorphism grants me more freedom to touch on deeper and meaningful issues palatable for young readers than I would have if I had written the same story concept with human characters. 

I look forward to bringing you sneak peeks into my Novel in Progress, The Storm Wielders, and a Patreon Exclusive installment series, Obduro.

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At 5 Patrons, I will start posting weekly blogs in addition to the Obduro installment series and Storm Wielders progress posts. 
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