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is creating a Minecraft Server and a Discord Community
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The first Patreon Tier, mostly about small QoL perks for the Vanilla Server:

- The ability to use /nick

- The ability to teleport to others players using /tpa

 - The ability to set up to two different homes using /sethome 

- The ability to use colors in chat, even in private messages.

- The ability to use /me

- The ability to use /afk instead of waiting for the auto-afk.

- A colorful rank displayed both in-game AND on Discord, right by your name in chat, matching the rank you're at, with your username being the same color!

- Instant access to chat with the people on the server in the #chat channel on our Discord server!

Includes Discord rewards
Modded Minecraft Server Access
per month

Grants you access to the wonderful Modded Minecraft server!

Includes Discord rewards
per month

The second Patreon Tier, with better QoL perks for the Vanilla Server:

- No more cooldown on the /tpa command.

- The ability to set up to five different homes using /sethome

- The ability to use /hat

-The ability to use /back, to go back to the last place where you teleported from, or the place you died at!

- A cooler color in chat, to show how cool you are!

- All of the perks listed in the previous tier.

Includes Discord rewards




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About Erakis Gaming

Hello and welcome to Erakis Gaming! We're a community that was born off of a wild dream of ours that was to run our very own, real Minecraft server, and as we saw that it was currently not possible with the community we were apart of, we decided to create our own! So, from that dream, Erakis Gaming was born.

We're dedicated to have the most enjoyable Minecraft server to play on for anyone that feels like playing Minecraft, with a heavy emphasis on being all together.

By donating to our community via our Patreon, you're helping us making sure that everyone that wants to have a nice place to play with friends has one. Thank you in advance! <3

If you ended up here before joining our Discord, please do join it through this link:
$21 of $34 per month
This is the first goal, which is to achieve full autonomy for the server, so it will keep on paying itself!
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