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“What gets remembered is determined by who’s in the room doing the remembering” Betty Reid Soskin

Thanks for visiting my Patreon page. I am producing documentaries and podcasts of inspirational and little known stories - histories buried, purposely hidden, changed or manipulated.  I've always been in love with telling stories, of learning something new and being inspired by those who make change.

Erased will shine a light on the stories of inspiring women, social justice champions, union organizers, environmental warriors and all those who have taken a stand on issues that matter and strived to make positive change.

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My first project is a personal one. It’s an inspiring story of taking a stand for democracy. My great uncle was one of forty thousand volunteers from over 70 countries who made up the International Brigades. The Brigades were formed in 1936 to help the democratically elected Spanish government resist a military coup led by General Franco and supported by Hitler and Mussolini. 

400 volunteers from British Columbia recognized the threat of fascism and gave up everything -  families, homes and country to fight in a war half a world away -  and they went against Canada's wishes.  Canada, along with England, the US, France and many other countries signed a non-intervention treaty prohibiting sending supplies or allowing volunteers to travel to Spain.  Later, when the flow of volunteers could not be slowed,  Canada introduced the Foreign Enlistment Act making it illegal to volunteer to fight in the war.

Soon after the Spanish Civil War ended, the Second World War broke out.  When the International Brigade volunteers returned to Canada instead of being celebrated as pre-anti-fascist fighters who recognized the threat of leaders like Hitler, they were ostracized and kept under RCMP surveillance for most of their lives. Survivors did not receive government pensions, the dead are not included in Veterans Affairs Canada’s Book of Remembrance, and the volunteers are not explicitly mentioned in the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

In learning about the volunteers stories and journeys it became clear that the documentary and podcast are also a largely a British Columbia labour history story.  Many of the volunteers were union organizers and participants in BC’s turbulent 30's labour protests including the On to Ottawa Trek, the Ballantyne Pier Riot and the Relief Camp Strike. But above all this is a story of men and women taking a stand for what they believed in and uniting in solidarity to support democracy.

You are history. You are legend. You are the heroic examples of democracy, solidarity and universality ~Dolores Iburri, La Pasionaria, to the assembled Brigadistas in Barcelona in 1938 as the International Brigade was disbanded

“Canada didn’t understand at first what you were doing, but understands now, and as time goes on, you will have more friends, more honour, because you have done one of the most gallant things done in history” ~Reverend Salem Bland Toronto at Union station greeting returning International Brigades

I hope that you are able to support this documentary and podcast and help bring their stories to light.  By doing so you are helping  show that there are some battles worth waging, that together we are stronger and if we forget the past, history repeats itself.

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Canadians remember your pledges will be made in American dollars.

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