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Hello and thank you for stopping by!  

My name is Jake.  I go to a lot of concerts in my spare time, and having taken a crack at music journalism in the past, I figured it was time for me to bring back the passion I had a couple of years ago for art in all of its forms.  In that vein of thought, I would like to present to you videos of artists performing, interviews I've conducted, original content, and more!  If you like what you see, please become a patron!  Anything that you pledge will be used to purchase new equipment and software, pay my way through any events that you'd like covered, conduct interviews, and more.  

Feel free to leave any feedback and - as always - have a fantastic day!

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When I reach 200 patrons, I'll be able to afford more equipment for video creation.  My goal is to be able to travel and record different artists live in concert and conduct interviews.  All proceeds from my patrons will be used to continue my work in this regard!  
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