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About Eric Allen Hatch

Hi! I'm Eric, and I'm cinephilic. I've worked for two decades as a film curator and critic, the last 11 as director of programming for Maryland Film Festival, where I took a leading role in growing the organization from a small regional fest to a key voice in the independent film world.

This page aims to scrutinize and enrich the space between rigorous film criticism and dank movie memes. Maybe you're here because you read Filmmaker Magazine piece Why I Am Hopeful, which took a hard look at systemic issues in U.S. independent film festivals and venues, and offered some concrete solutions. Or maybe you know me as @ericallenhatch on IG and Twitter, where I've photoshopped Paul Blart into Uncle Boonmee and meme'd everything from Moonlight to The Passion of Joan of Arc. On my Patreon, those lobes merge into one! 

Recurring columns include 2 Film 2 Festival, in which I draw on my 20 years of attending and programming festivals to profile a deep cut of visionary world cinema, and Paul Blart: Video Clerk session, where I give personalized viewing tips to anyone here that wants 'em. There's also AMA sessions, a meme-based advice column, and plenty of stand-alone features.

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Origin Story: Early this year I took stock of my work situation and realized that I was in an unsustainably toxic situation. Understaffed and under-resourced, I was working hundreds of days in a row, 10 or more hours a day. This resulted in several years of anxiety and extreme insomnia that had a significant impact on my physical and mental health, and in February 2018 I decided I'd had enough and very abruptly quit. I'm much happier and healthier now! Turns out sleep feels good. 

I created this space to express myself and engage with other film lovers while I seek a new year-round gig in film programming, distribution, or funding (like-minded and solidly resourced organizations, holler!). That said, it's taken on a cool life of its own, and I definitely plan to continue Beyond the Boonmemes once I find a new day job.

If it's not for you, hey, I get it! If you're reading this because I've created value for you in the past, but this doesn't interest you, you could always tip me on Venmo, or just keep it moving. Either way, thanks for reading! And: THANK YOU to all the donors who've signed on!

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