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About Erica Marchant, Author

Eeeek! I'm a Patreon Creator! 30 years ago when I only dreamed of becoming a writer, I never imagined this is what it would look like! Yet here I am, super excited to share my writing journey and stories with you! I've been telling stories for as long as I can remember, but didn't publish them until later in life. It's never too late, though, right? I'm not the only author who's career took a late flight! 

I am a
 science fiction geek, horror fan, zombie lover, and addicted to cheesy end of the world and apocalyptic movies and series. My brain is a storage bank of cool, but useless, facts that probably won’t save anyone in an apocalypse, but they do sometimes lead to cool stories and Ideas!

I don't write about zombies, though. I do love writing characters who struggle against the odds while I struggle to survive suburbia with my three kids, two dogs, an ornery bunny. All that takes an endless box of K-cups for my black coffee addiction. 

Fall is my favorite season and I use all the world around me to fuel my imagination and write stories that should leave you guessing until the end and coming back for more ... er ... I hope!

My stories often take a psychological approach, focus on the need for self-improvement and the things in society that can cause a characters downfall, if they let them. 

Thank you for putting faith in my ability to entertain you and helping make my dreams a reality!
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