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Welcome to the Inception Publishing page on Patreon! I’m Eric (that’s me up in the corner). I’m the lead author and community originator for Inception Publishing. We are devoted to providing you with a fundamentally novel approach to life through practical books and courses about Coherence Verification* (I'll define this term below), and the application of comprehensive truthfulness. If that doesn’t sound like anything you've heard of before, you are not alone. Give me a few moments to explain and make clear how all of this matters to you, and then how this relates to our Patreon effort.

What you might not be aware of…

It’s quite clear now, based upon advanced physics models and our research here at Inception Publishing, that the Universe is made up of two essential forces, energy and information. Everything else, including you, is ‘built’ with these forces.

Some of the combinations of energy and information become very stable, and formative, in that they create a basis for other patterns and forces. You experience these stable patterns every day, like in the forms of gravity and electricity. We often refer to these patterns as the laws of Nature.

Interestingly, there are some other patterns that have only just been discovered and clarified, and knowing these patterns allows people to have much more enjoyable and fulfilling lives. Here at Inception Publishing, we refer to these patterns collectively as, the Truth.

You are like a super computer!
Your body and brain is always sorting out what is working for you and what isn’t, kind of like the ultimate super computer. Your super computer is also determining what information “matches” the accurate information in the Universe, again, what we call the Truth. This matching happens every time you assemble some information together to make a thought.

When a thought is assembled, an energetic probability field (almost like a mathematical question) is set up, and gets resolved right away. When your thoughts are factual or truthful, your body and mind works well. When your thoughts aren’t very truthful, your mind and body suffers. This effect ‘in the body’ can be externally seen. In essence, the human body can be used to ‘see’ this natural phenomenon happening by completing a simple muscle strength test. When there is truthful thought, there is a strong musculoskeletal response. Without truthful, or at least factual thought, your mind and body weaken temporarily.

You are a human Truth detector!
I could walk up to you right now, have you hold up your arm, ask you to tell me your name, and then push down on your outstretched arm while you resisted. If you gave me your correct name, then your muscles would easily resist me pushing down on your arm. If you gave me a name different than your own, your arm would go almost totally weak when I pushed down on it, even if only gently. Your body is effectively “telling” me whether you have told the truth about your name, or not.

*Here's the Coherence Verification thing I mentioned above.
Any information, can be determined to be true, or not true, by you. All that needs to be done is perform a simple and accurate muscle test, or what I like to call a Coherence Verification, in just a couple seconds. You can learn to have access to the basic accuracy of nearly any story or event, no matter where it occurred, or when. If that isn’t a surprising talent, I don’t know what is. Take just a few seconds to contemplate what you could do with that kind of capability!

Because any reasonably healthy person can learn to use Coherence Verification for the discovery of facts and the Truth, there’s almost no limit to what you can do with it! Inception Publishing is here to support you in the learning of Coherence Verification and the Truth, so that you can begin to apply it in your own life. The benefits are limitless, and the implications are really mind blowing!

Here's how Patreon works...
This is where you and Patreon come on the scene. We’d like to get this information and training out into the world right away, but because this knowledge is so unusual (and not something you learned in school), we need some help from you in the form of a little monetary boost. We decided to use Patreon to benefit you with our publications, and as a way for you to participate in our efforts while also getting some exciting rewards. It's a win for everybody!

On your right you’ll see 7 different subscription (or patronage) levels. With each of these levels you'll get a set of rewards. Kick in a few bucks a month, and every couple of weeks you’ll get valuable information you can use. Kick in a bunch of bucks, and you’ll get a truck load of amazing rewards, and our gratitude for life. Pick the level that works for you on a monthly basis (you can always increase or decrease it later) and put in your payment info as directed. Then, BAMMO! You’ll be part of the Inception community!

Patreon Benefits...
No matter what level you choose in helping us build Inception Publishing, all Patreon patrons will receive this:
  • Each month I'll send you least two fascinating investigative reports on subjects that interest you, and can benefit all areas of your life. 
  • I'll give you access to our Patreon community where you can tell us how stoked you are about what we're producing.
  • I'll give you advance information on new book releases (4 in the next year).
  • I'll give you the early heads up on upcoming Inception community events and course offerings before anyone else.
  • I'll let you in on new blog posts from the Inception Publishing website before the rest of the world gets to put their eyes on them.
All this is going to be made possible with your generosity and partnership. Just remember, the higher the level, the greater the benefits and goodies!

Our Inceptional future together…
What does the future look like with your help you ask? Let me give you a sneak peek into what plans are already in the works at Inception Publishing that your patronage will be supporting right away:
  • We are building a beautiful website that will be the Inception Community hub, and the face of Inception Publishing. This site is in its final phases, and we'll be ready to launch very soon with your help.
  • The first book in the Inception Publishing catalog, Truth Rules, is being readied for release. Your help will allow for the completion of the process within the next few months.
  • 3 new books are complete and ready for design and editing in 2017. All these pre-release steps involve multiple talented people, and we want to be able to pay them well for their help, and put out the best possible publications for you.
  • Swag! That's right, you can "BE INCEPTIONAL" with Inception tees and swag very soon! Who doesn't love swag, right?
  • We are in the initial planning phases of Truth Inception Academy, an online learning environment that will allow us to reach everyone with ease, and allow you to get access to educational videos, special training content, and whole new form of advancing your mind. The start up costs for this effort are considerable, but we are ready to get cranking on this project as soon as support grows to our stage three goal of $16,000 per month.
  • 10 additional books are planned and in various stages of completion. Your help over the next few years will allow me and the team to get them cranked out and into your hyper curious hands.

There will be even more with your continued partnership, like live training events, local community based study groups, and professional level Coherence Verification application courses for alternative health care practitioners. I’d list more, but that seems sufficiently overwhelming for now. To put it mildly, we are exploding with existing content, novel ideas, and huge opportunities. The only thing missing right now, is you!
$43 of $3,000 per month
With your gargantuan generosity, our initial goal of $3K will help to build & maintenance the Inception website, pay for design, editing, and publication of the first book, and allow Eric to pump out tons of mind blowing material for you to consume on your journey towards being a genius. As if that wasn't exciting enough, once we reach this goal, we'll be creating some crazy fun, INCEPTIONAL swag for you too!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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