Eric Czarnik

is creating comics and games about Hebrew, linguistics and ancient writings

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About Eric Czarnik

Who I am

When I was 4 or 5, my favorite nighttime activity was reading the dictionary. The book was a world of escape where I grew more powerful by memorizing new words and filling the margins with drawings and sentence diagrams.

This hobby once turned into a dream about watching a cartoon based on the grammatical parts of speech. I told family and teachers, and they suggested I make something of it.

Many years later, that’s what I’m doing. I’m now a webcomic illustrator, writer and video game designer. And my projects use my love of words and ancient languages (particularly Hebrew) to tell fresh, relevant stories.

What is ‘Milhamah: Fighting Words”?

Several years ago, I took a side interest in the Dead Sea Scrolls and particularly the War (or “Milhamah”) Scroll. That scroll is a zealous battle plan with a key strategy to defeat attackers: inscribing holy messages on weapons, trumpets and other equipment.

During this time I also studied the Hebrew language. Its quirky, triple-lettered roots and patterns — which have long captured the interest of mystics and scholars alike — provided fertile ground for creative, artistic ideas.

Eventually, “Milhamah: Fighting Words” developed from these influences. In the comic, the Holy Tongue Society’s linguistic warriors use ancient alphabet powers to fight speech stranglers, truth destroyers and a revived Tower of Babel.

Why you should support me

The "Milhamah" brand is more than a story; it's a lifestyle that prizes freedom, candor, chutzpah and fighting back against overwhelming odds. It's about refusing to stay silent and shutting down lies, manipulation and coercion.

“Milhamah” presents a sorely needed message, and I hope it'll inspire many in their personal lives. Besides my main projects, I plan to continue a line of merchandise that reflects this philosophy.

So what will you get if you support me, besides the tier offers? More monthly income means I can devote more time to making awesome comics and games. I hope to do the following:

  • Turn my “Milhamah” webcomics into special-edition print comics, complete with additional panels and Hebrew lessons
  • Develop two series of action RPG video games with the help of a business partner. One series will eventually focus on “Milhamah,” and the other series is unrelated and near completion. (Hint: It's an allegory based on the biblical wisdom books.) 
  • Make a “Milhamah” card game and tabletop game as I continue to develop new characters and art.

Comics and games take time to do. In order to fully tell my stories, I’d like to someday work on this full-time, but that requires a sufficient amount of money. So I appreciate any financial support, and I hope you'll enjoy my work!

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