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The Phoenix is a newsletter for people who want to work for climate justice. I'll make myself available to you for periodic emails and phone calls to chat about how we can better work to change the world together.
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About Eric Holthaus

I think climate change is the most important and consequential story of our time, maybe of all time. With Patreon, I'm trying something new: I want to bring that story directly to you, and help you decide what I should focus on. This is crowdfunded, crowd-directed climate journalism.

My goal: Curate the most important weather and climate journalism, and lift up marginalized voices from around the world.

Everyone will have access to my newsletter, The Phoenix, for free. If you'd also like to pay me for it (and don't want to pay Substack for any reason) you can do so here. Since climate change often doesn't get the attention it deserves by the media, I want to give you a chance to drive my coverage. If you care about coral reefs, I'll cover coral reefs, and interview the world's coral reef experts. If you live in California and you're interested in how climate change is boosting the risk of wildfire, I'll investigate. Bottom line: I want to tell the stories you care about most.

I'm a meteorologist by training, and entered journalism because I wanted to explain what is happening in a straightforward, science-based, justice-filled, understandable way. If you think this work is important, please join me. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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