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About Eric James

Hello I’m Eric James and I'm currently on a journey to share my experiences in mental health and wellness.    After ten years battling it out with anxiety, trauma, and PTSD I realize I have so much to give back and in the process of sharing we give healing to each other.   Help me on this journey to bring my words to life. 

Current Tasks

- Currently I'm focused on writing blog posts of my thoughts and experiences in mental health through Once I've gotten a habit of producing on a regular basis, I will move towards repurposing these pieces toward other content mediums like a novel or YouTube. 
- I'm in early stages of developing a mental health app.  More on this later.  Supporters can expect to get early access to new technologies.

The Mission

My mission is to improve the lives of people through empowerment and sharing.  I hope to eventually focus efforts on military veterans in honor of my father.
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