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Happiness Patrol

$1 /mo
You'll brighten up my day.

100% Completion!

$10 /mo
Do you want to see me work on 100%ing one of the games I've already beat? Then select this reward, and let me know which game, and I will do a stream of that! Not everything i listed yet, but this ...

Final Fantasy II

$40 /mo
Want me to continue the Final Fantasy series and move on to the second game? Choose this reward and I will buy the game and start streaming it!

Perfect Dark! For the GameBoy Color?

$90 /mo
Get this reward and I will buy the GBC version of Perfect Dark, and start streaming it.

Johto, Here We Come!

$100 /mo
Get this reward and I will either get Pokemon Gold, or figure out how to replace the save battery in my Pokemon Silver. And then I will start streaming whichever of them!