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is creating ExVenture, Grapevine, and Titans of Text.

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Thanks for checking out the Patreon for me, Eric Oestrich! I'm the developer behind ExVentureGrapevine, and a co-host Titans of Text.

What is ExVenture?

ExVenture is the open source game engine that lets you run your own Multi-User Dungeon (MUD for short). MUDs are text based multiplayer games you can play in your browser or with any telnet client. By becoming a Patron of ExVenture, you help push forward ExVenture's features.

What is Grapevine?

Grapevine is a MUD chat network and social site. ExVenture natively supports Grapevine and there are more games joining every day. Your game will feel a lot less lonely as it gets started up with people instantly chatting on it. You can also use the Grapevine web client if your game supports telnet.

What is Titans of Text?

Titans of Text is a bi-weekly podcast where we interview game designers and developers from around the text gaming community. Most of our episodes interview current staff on live games. We like to hear about their history and what makes them unique.

Why should you help support?

Supporting me helps further Grapevine and ExVenture. Right now it helps cover server costs. Certain plans also help push ExVenture by getting hosting.

If you've gotten anything out of using ExVenture or Grapevine, or have enjoyed listening to Titans of Text, consider joining! Thanks for reading.

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