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Daeth-X Armageddon Graphic Novels.  
An intricate graphic novel spanning 30 years in a mirror universe. Our doomed anti super-heroes (branded terrorists), fight the real terror on the planet. Corporations, Bank cartels, Religions, Media, Governments, who crush any oppositions to their plans through terror, lies, and deceit. The elite's objective? create a one world government to enslave the 99.1% to short term profit rule and destruction of freedom and democracy. All the while waging endless wars and destroying the planet we so much love and need to survive. Our heroes will not stand for that and will do everything to stop it.

Daeth-X Armageddon!
 is also a love story, forged friendships, forgiveness, Aliens, redemption. The next step for humanity, enlightenment. More importantly, a call to us the 99.9 percent, to unite in diversity peacefully, stop partaking in terror and become conscious of unintended actions and reactions.
For me, the message is more important than the messenger. So the graphic novel is free to download to all as PDF. I need financial help to pay for the cost of the website and its hosting and get the graphic novel more traction, to get the message across. I hope I will find it here. Thank you for taking the time to read this far.
You can access and download 16 issues NOW
With an other 10 issues are presently in production.
$0 of $1,000 per month
To work on my graphic novels full time and pay for my yearly website hosting,  name registrations and all oterh cost involved.
+ Participate in helping other creators.

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