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is creating Challenging and Engaging New Fine Art Images
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All contributors will be listed on a special page on my blog. Everyone already has full access to seeing my art and reading my articles on my blog for free. I will add more benefits in the future such as discounts on prints.




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About Eric Wayne

Your contributions help me with ongoing series of digital paintings and other art I'm working on, as well and my expanding collection of art-criticism and other articles on my blog. I have the most comprehensive artist's blog of any living artist I''m aware of:

My purpose is to create new, compelling and challenging fine art images for the collective imagination. Your pledge allows me to continue making art (as well as blogging, and writing art criticism and other essays). I'm  getting closer to getting recognition for my work, but am not there yet, and could use help bridging the gap until I do. I'm confident that if I can keep making art, I'll be able to put together a solid body of interesting work in the next few years. Besides which, I don't think anyone else is doing what I'm doing. Nobody has that mix of traditional painting (think Van Gogh or Francis Bacon) and digital art, with sci-fi, psychedelia, and Expressionism. So, if I don't make the work, it won't exist.

Read a magazine article about my art and technique: Infinite Flexibility with Layers.

Check out my digital paintings on my blog: Digital Paintings

Below are some examples of my digital paintings:

And here's a close up  to show the digital impasto technique I've developed. Yes, that really is digital.

I also write no-holds-barred, in-depth art criticism with oodles of pics. You can browse over 50 articles so far here: art criticism.

Finally, I already share good quality Jpegs of all my new work, as well as my art criticism and other writing for free on my blog. So, I'm not asking people to pay to see any of that, but just for some people to consider contributing to what I give away for free.

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This is probably the minimal amount I need per month to continues making art and writing criticism.
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