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This tier is to encourage me to stay active in the Statamic community.

For your support, you get my eternal gratitude and a shout out in Discord.

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I'll help you with your site, 1 hour/month:

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* anything else you can think of regarding your site

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You all know what Statamic is, this Patreon is not about supporting Statamic (though you should do that too!), this is about enabling me to spend more time helping you (and others) and less time freelancing.

I would like to spend more time in the forums giving more detailed answers, and much more time in the Discord channels, helping people learn to be better with Statamic. I'd love to create more addons that make your life easier, and my freelance work gets in the way of that.

Help me help you!
$264 of $2,000 per month
If this goal is met, I will stop looking for additional freelance work and dedicate an hour each day to helping people solve their problems on the forums and Discord.
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